Review -Babor ReVersive anti-ageing cream

Here at TLL we are often asked to try different products on the market, here is what our beauty team had to say about Babor’s ReVersive moisturiser…


Babor ReVersive anti-ageing cream



What BABOR claim…

ReVersive is an anti-aging cream that targets those 30 +. Active ingredients in this range retain individual beauty and corrects age-related blemishes. Reversive can be used on skin that has wrinkles and a loss of elasticity, is tired and need of regeneration. Stressed skin in need of protection will also benefit from this range.

What TLL love about it?

Apart from the sophisticated packaging that made it look like a high end cream, the cream itself felt luxurious in texture, not too thick but thick enough to hydrate and smelt amazing.

What would we change?

One thing that we felt would be of benefit is if it was clearer to see when the cream was about to run out.
Would you recommend it?

Yes! Even though this is quite pricey we would definitely recommend this product for those that feel like they have signs of ageing and want a cream that is not too heavy but feels hydrating. My skin did feel visibly smoother and hydrated in the short time I tried it.
How would you rate it out of 10?


Our Beauty Reviewer who tried this cream is 39 with combination skin

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