What to Look for When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

It’s very easy to base your decision on a wedding photographers website and social media, but does it give you the full story?

With a world that relies on the online and most of us obtaining products and services over the internet how can we be sure that one of the most emotive investments you’ll make on your wedding day will leave you with a positive experience?

We caught up with Andy Cracknell, professional wedding photographer, to find out the Do’s & Don’t’s for ensuring you end up with memories of your wedding day that you’ll treasure forever.

You want a professional wedding photographer that’s passionate about what they do, someone who takes their craft very seriously, not someone who’s just in it for the money.

Andy says “It’s not about just showing up, pointing a camera, barking orders at wedding guests and then processing images. A good photographer will invest the time to develop a relationship with you so they get to know you and understand what makes you tick. This helps them ensure they can identify and capture those special moments that matter to you, the ones you will look back on and value forever. They also won’t be barking orders at your guests!”

It’s important for that relationship to develop so you feel at ease around them. The photographer is with you from the moment you start to prepare right through to your first dance so you don’t want to be with someone you don’t bond with.

Do’s & Don’t’s

1)    DON’T rely on online presence – websites are a valuable source of information about photographers and their work, but beware there are some sites out there that are not genuine – stolen images and fictional feedback. So speak to any potential photographer.

2)    DO ask questions:

  1. How long have you been a photographer?
  2. Why do you do it, what do you get out of it? If the answer is money, money, money then think hard. You’re looking for a commitment to you not your purse.
  3. Can they show you their portfolio?


3)    DO ask for references – Ask for contact details of previous couples. A happy couple will have no problem giving a reference.

4)    DO meet your potential photographers – if they ask to do things over the phone question why. Unless you’re looking to book a photographer who lives in Aberdeen when you’re based in London there shouldn’t be any reason for them not to meet you.

5)  DON’T put your money at risk – Great wedding photographers are in demand and invest a lot of time in preparing for a wedding. Aside from developing their relationship with you they also prepare by visiting and researching the venue, speaking to the officials to check on any restrictions on photography, researching things like weather, sunrise and sunset times, and working out lighting, amongst many other things. When it comes to deposits they tend to ask for anything up to 50% in advance to secure the date in their diaries and to cover their costs in preparation. However, it’s really important you protect yourselves, so ensure you have a written contract with all the photographers details including address, email and contact number and how deposits will be handled as well as a clear refund policy before paying any money. Also consider paying by credit card / PayPal or similar where possible as this proves the payment has been made.

The advice is simple, make sure you get to know your photographer before committing.

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Andy Cracknell has been a professional photographer for 8 years. His work has been published in the local, national and international media and he is regularly asked to coach upcoming photographers. For more information or to contact him please visit or call 0203 727 5632

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