4 Key Halloween Inspired Looks From The Catwalk!

Put the witch costume and naughty schoolgirl outfit away this October as we have some scary catwalk inspired hair and makeup transformations to transform and inspire you this Halloween. You’ll be the most fashionable ghoul at the party this October 31st…. From hallowed-out eye sockets, ghostly white skin and heavily lined lids, the only costume you’ll need is your makeup kit. Here are the looks we’re obsessed with..


CHANEL created this dark and masculine beauty look for the catwalk. Replicate this mysterious style by simply using a black eye shadow and apply it into the inner corners of the eye sockets. No mascara necessary its all about the depth of the sockets and the darkness of the brows. Instead of filling in your brows use your eye shadow to go over them, and connect your inner socket with the start of your brow for a dramatic look.




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ALEXANDER WANG scarily sported long and lank wet looking hair created by hair stylist icon Guido Palau.

Before you work on the hair, ensure eyelids are dark, smoky and exaggerated underneath the lids and in the corners of the eye. Get this look by using a grey and black eye shadow combination to add a dimension effect to the eye area. Blacken brows using a black brow pencil and think big! Bring the hair forward over your face and use a gel styling product to get that ‘wet’ look only allowing a glimpse of the face to show through (just make sure you can see!)




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GILES gothic styled beauty look was all about the lips. Use a black lip liner to very slightly enhance the size of the lips and then fill your pout in with a matt black or dark purple lipstick. Keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum with a porcelain foundation and slightly contoured cheeks to crate the illusion of a hollow-looking facial structure. This look works incredibly well with a fringe so if you have one then embrace it this Halloween!




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JEREMY SCOTT went for a Malibu Barbie look and we love it. If dark and scary doesn’t quite do it for you this Halloween then why not think outside the box and go against the norm with this over the top blonde wig, bright pink lips and crazy eyeliner combination. Don’t forget to tan up and get your biggest heels out. This statement look will stand out that’s for sure!



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