5 minutes with Celebrity’s Favourite Surgeon: Dr Munir Somji

DrMediSpa’s chief medical officer talks to us about his passion and the latest treatments rocking the aesthetic beauty-space right now.

My clinics and team

I am an aesthetic surgeon specialising in non-invasive treatments and hair transplant surgery. My clinics are based in Harley Street, London and Loughton, Essex. Our clinic in Loughton is home to one of the largest collections of aesthetic lasers and has the latest technologies in the country. I’ve carefully chosen my team over the last five years and they’re all specialists in skin and hair treatments. We can literally help patients from head to toe.

I’ve always been interested in anatomy
When I was studying medicine, I saw human anatomy as an art form and I felt the need to apply my ideals of beauty into reality. Aesthetic medicine is probably the only speciality that allows me to do this.

I love what I do because..
The variety it offers, as there is always something new and exciting to offer my patients. We make a huge different to people’s lives; hair transplant surgery in particular is something that can completely change someone’s confidence. I perform a few pro-bono hair transplant cases a year for individuals who are burns victims and/or cannot afford the procedure, and these surgeries give me the greatest job satisfaction.

My favourite procedure to give..
At the moment it’s full face contouring with dermal filler – it’s become my signature treatment and hugely popular right now – and called the Contour Once TM. It involves an injection to contour your forehead, eyebrows, temples, cheeks, nose, lips and jawline, followed by skin tightening and fat reduction. The results give a semi-permanent contoured effect. This is a game changer in the aesthetics field as patients rather wear less makeup, which this offers and gives a contoured face all year-round.

DrMediSpa treatments: TLL’s top picks

The Loub(outin) Life: The Loub job is another favourite of mine! This involves strategically injecting dermal filler in the sole of the foot to provide an internal gel insole, giving you cushioning for the bone when wearing heels. One treatment can last for up to nine months.

Downtime: Minimal, just no heels for two weeks post treatment.
Fat Freezing: This involves freezing pockets of fat to -6°C. Fat cells then programme for cell death and are removed from our bodies through the lymphatic system. Each time an area is frozen, one loses 15-20% of the fat from that area.

Downtime: None required, and the fat ‘melts’ away over 4-6 weeks.
Stretch mark removal: We use special lasers for white stretch mark removal, and they can be reduced by up to 70%. Five to six treatments are sometimes needed. The earlier you start treating them, the better the results.

Downtime: None, but the area can be red for up to a week.
The Hollywood Facial: This is a laser treatment called Clearlift TM. Non-invasive laser lifting is becoming increasing popular and a great alternative to botox and fillers. It also has skin boosting benefits; promoting collagen and elastin.

Downtime: None, and it’s our most popular laser treatment.
Banishing dark circles: We use a combination of treatments depending on the reason for your dark circles. If they’re caused by hollowing underneath the eyes, we inject dermal filler in the area to provide volume and support. If there is a blush tinge underneath the eyes, we use carboxytherapy, injecting CO2 underneath the eyes to increase oxygen delivery to that area – and this reduces puffiness. If the skin is much darker, we use a combination of specialist eye peels and lasers to remove the pigment and remove dark circles.

Downtime: Rest time for a maximum of 48 hours.
Hair Loss/Gain: We’re proud to be leaders in non-invasive hair loss and hair transplant treatments. We perform hair transplants on both male and females including beards and eyebrows. We’ve also had a few requests for chest hair transplants.

Downtime: To be advised depending on treatment area.

New for 2017
There are new medical devices to non-surgically remove fat safely and effectively, along with lasers for sexual rejuvenation (vaginal tightening). Check out our website for the latest updates and treatments.

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