5 minutes with the King of Colour: Daniel Galvin OBE

We talk to Daniel Galvin OBE about his career highlights, launching Twiggy's modelling career, the secrets for lust-after coloured locks plus what's next for the Galvin empire.

We talk to Daniel Galvin OBE about his career highlights, launching Twiggy’s modelling career, the secrets for lust-after coloured locks plus what’s next for the Galvin empire.

Early days: What the magic factor that launched Twiggy’s career?

At Leonard [Lewis], I helped to launch Twiggy’s modelling career by transforming her look with a new highlighting system I’d invented called, ‘Brickwork’. This technique is now used by colourists worldwide – and Twiggy and I have remained good friends ever since. 

(In January 2015 Galvin and Twiggy reunited for a photo-shoot for L’Oreal Professional, for whom Twiggy is now UK Brand Ambassador for)

Career highlight: How did it feel to be awarded your OBE?

Absolutely amazing! I’ve received so many awards from the hairdressing industry in my career but this one really stands out for me. 

Being awarded my OBE by the Queen for what I’ve contributed – the highest award ever given to anyone at that time in the hairdressing industry – especially for my work on hair colour too, it meant so much. 

Technique talk: What was the inspiration behind using henna and coffee to create hair colour?

The inspiration behind this technique came from ancient formulations from Persia, where they mixed henna thousands of years ago. They would mix henna with hot coffee or tea, lemon juice and copper coins to extract the copper, and the yolk of an egg would stop the henna from drying out.

(This technique now hails on YouTube tutorials, beauty blogs, Wiki how-to guides and Pinterest boards aplenty – Google it, you’ll be amazed)

Hair trends: How can we keep up and what’s on-trend?

Trends are a thing of the past. We are famous for customised hair colour – we colour hair for the individual person, tailored exactly to that person – and this is the way colour is going. You can’t work by trends with hair colour, as they don’t suit everyone.

All colours can be fashionable and on-trend but it’s about the individual person. For example, brunettes are great as long as they look rich and healthy with lots of movement, and reds look great with opaque complexions – beautiful, strong and translucent.

Global expertise: Which country do you think are the ultimate pioneers in hairdressing?

Without a doubt the UK. Since the 60’s the UK have always been leaders in hair colour, cutting and styling. But the world is now getting smaller and smaller; the Americans, Australians and Japanese have all come over here to learn the techniques, so now wherever you are in the world, you can definitely find somewhere and someone great to do your hair. 

Tresses for success: What are the secrets for healthy coloured hair?

Hair is a lady’s ultimate asset, treat it like a cashmere sweater – it’s precious and delicate and needs to be taken care of. Beautiful hair can make you look a million dollars and if it doesn’t, it can make you look the opposite. 

Quick wins, long-term effects:

  • Use the mildest products possible to achieve the simplest most beautiful effects. Never go more than two or three levels lighter, always use the right treatments on your hair.
  • When you shampoo your hair, always use a conditioner and use a large tooth comb whilst the product is in to detangle it and then wash it off. 
  • Do a treatment once a month and if possible leave it on over night. 

Hero-product: What do you swear by?

Olaplex, it’s unbelievably good and has made a huge impact in the industry. It effectively works to maintain the structure of your hair that so many products ruin your hair, this actually rebuilds the hair and theres nothing on the market like it.

(Repairing hair all over the world, Olaplex is huge in America and now taking the UK by storm. Source: Cosmopolitan UK)

What’s next for Daniel Galvin?

We’re launching a salon in Selfridges in April 2016.

Our collaboration with Selfridges is a huge honour and a perfect partnership. Two family owned companies joining together like this, makes for a happy marriage.

(Shopping AND the magical services of Daniel Galvin all under one roof? I think we may get lost in Selfridges forever…)


Ready for a reinvention or in serious need of reviving your lustre-lost locks?

You can find Daniel Galvin’s team across a variety of locations, ready and waiting to master your hair dilemmas. Their flagship salon is nestled in London’s Marylebone, and on record to be the largest hair salon in Europe, with a generous 9,000 square foot of Galvin goodness. They’ve recently opened their super sumptuous yet incredibly understated, salon in Kensington, which boasts a ‘home from home’ ambience for the ultimate luxury and pampering experience (and did we mention delicious drinks, mouthwatering smoothies and light bites come with the services too?) – set yourself for a beautiful day and say, ‘oh hello, new you…’


Daniel Galvin Flagship Marylebone Salon
58-­60 George Street
Tel: 0207 486 9661

Daniel Galvin Kensington Salon
67 Abingdon Road
W8 6AN
Tel: 0203 544 6535 

Partner salons: 

Daniel Galvin at the Corinthia Hotel London
Whitehall Place
Tel: 020 7930 8181

Daniel Galvin at Mulberry’s Day Spa
Old Mulberry Yard
22A London End
Tel: 01494 689068

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By Sarah Clark

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