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5 Negative Things to Stop Thinking When You’re Working Out

Whether you’re hitting the gym or a group class, here’s how to feel positive about your workout.

The journey to fitness can be a bumpy one.

And regardless of our fitness, our minds can be the thing to scupper us, as we doubt ourselves, our health and what on earth we’re doing there.

If you fall into that category and find yourself dreading going to the gym or a group fitness class, Keith McNiven, owner of Right Path Fitness explains how to banish them for good. Kettle Bells at the ready…

  1. Everyone is looking at me and laughing

No they’re not – they’re looking at themselves. Everyone is focused on their own personal goals, progress and workout. No one will be looking at you, and definitely not judging you. If they do look at you it will be an acknowledgement that you came to the gym whilst others didn’t. Be proud of yourself – building up the courage to actually get to the gym and work out is often harder than the workout itself!

  1. I’m not fit enough to be here

Everyone starts somewhere. You may not feel at your peak physicality right now, but after a few consistent months working out you’ll definitely be on your way. Picture your future, fit self and make that your motivation. Don’t walk away and never give up. Everyone you see in the gym had a starting point. Your journey is just beginning, so keep going and think of your end results.

  1. I don’t know what I’m doing

Figuring out which types of exercises you need to be doing can be intimidating – especially when you see others navigating machines you’ve never even heard of before. The first step is to relax. Ask the staff or personal trainers at the gym for some tips on where to start – most gyms offer an induction session to get you started. If you’re still a bit nervous to ask, then watch YouTube videos showing you different types of exercises that target different results and areas. Or go to a fitness class. Attending a class will teach you some new moves that you can start to incorporate into your own workouts, and exercising in a group will remind you that you’re not alone on this fitness journey.

  1. I’m never going to burn off all the calories I ate yesterday

Once you stop viewing the gym as a punishment, then implementing regular workouts into your life will become so much simpler. By banishing the idea that exercise is for burning off everything you ate, you will be less likely to be disappointed at the end of a workout. If you had a bad day yesterday, draw a line and start again. Don’t go to the gym to punish yourself – go because it makes you feel good, you enjoy it and you know it will give you great results.

  1. I had a terrible workout

We all have off days. Perhaps you find yourself struggling to lift as heavy or struggling to run as far. Don’t worry – you’re only human. Don’t feel disheartened – any exercise is better than no exercise! Just be determined to come back and smash your next workout even harder.



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