5 Signs You Have Been Single For Too Long

When was the last time you went on a date? We’ve got the signs that say it might be time to dabble in the dating pool again…

Relationships aren’t for everybody. There’s a lot to consider when committing to someone else and naturally some prefer not to go down the road altogether.

But, if you have a spotty dating history, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t dabble with dating again. When is the last time you’ve been on a date? Does the sight of a man or woman send a tingle through your body?

Life coach Carole Ann Rice has identified 5 signs that you’ve been single for just a smidge too long:

You’ve become a cat lady (or man) – You prefer the company of your pet far more than any potential date. Naturally, you seldom leave the house because you can’t bear to be away from your pets’ company.

You’re the king or queen of excuses – If you keep coming up with strange and downright fake excuses to avoid going on a date, you’ve been single for too long. No, the fact that your mum’s cousin’s best friend is in town doesn’t count as a valid excuse to avoid a date.

You have too much time alone – It’s perfectly normal to have a night in now and then. However, if the last time you went out for a dinner and a cocktail was over a few months ago, you’ve been single for too long. Ben & Jerry should not be your Friday night plan, every week – yes, we’re talking about the ice cream. You can’t expect to meet new people by sitting at home and binge-watching Netflix all evening.

You’re the favourite auntie – When you visit your friends with children, what do they think of you? Is it ‘favourite auntie who always brings sweets and cuddles me’? Or is it ‘auntie who is always on holiday and having glamourous nights out on the town’? If you answered yes to the first option, you’ve been single for too long. Let’s face it, your nieces and nephews aren’t going to be young and naïve forever. It’s time to find yourself a companion and possibly have children of your own.

You’re not up on your grooming – If you’re not having regular dates, it’s pretty unlikely that you bother to keep your hypothetical hedges trimmed. If your waxing bills have dropped off a cliff in recent years and your collection of unsexy slippers has reached new highs, you’ve been single for too long. With spring in full bloom, it’s a perfect time to trim those bushes and head out on a date.

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