5 Stress-Busting Bridal Tips


We all know by now that weddings, whilst wonderful occasions, are also extremely stressful – and more often than not, the stress lands on the bride.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions to be made, here’s some helpful suggestions for making the planning of your wedding a breeze rather than a battle.

  1. Ditch the dull

Often brides get caught up in the little details of their wedding and forget the things that really matter, so  one of the most important things is to approach your wedding in the right frame of mind.

Former wedding planner and now life coach Stephanie Varda advises: “Ditch the Dull and Grow the Glow is a saying that you can use to remind yourself that your emotional readiness outweighs things like the colour of the favours. Set aside time to reflect on your current thoughts and feelings, how ready are you feeling to get married? When we deal with the bigger emotional issues, we are less likely to stress over the little things.”

  1. Work out your non-negotiables

These are the elements that you feel are essential for your wedding day to be what you want it to be. Perhaps it’s having certain guests attend or holding your wedding in a particular venue.

“Often though, our true non-negotiables aren’t quite as simple as we might imagine, which can lead to discontent after the big day,” explains Stephanie. “It’s always advisable to undertake some self-discovery so you have a strong understanding of who you really are, and what matters. This time taken at the outset can save stress later on.”

  1. Follow your vision

Pinterest away to your hearts content, as this will create a vision that aligns to your values and your non-negotiables for the day. You can then share this vision with those that are involved in the wedding planning process, whilst clearly explaining your reasoning.

“Having this confidence and belief in your vision can reduce stress related to disagreements over wedding planning. Everyone is on the same page, and you can go from dreaming to gleaming!”

  1. Create the confidence

Stephanie explains that the root of stress before the big day can often be related to fear. “Not only are you about to embark on a whole new chapter of your life, but there may be fears around the day itself- after all this is the one day in your life when all eyes will be on you,” she explains. “And when your confidence and self-esteem aren’t as high as they could be, you can end up feeling really stressed. Take this time to bolster your confidence, as it will not only help you on your wedding day but in your future life too.”

  1. The happy ever after

Planning a wedding is not only a huge life event but it’s also a huge learning experience. “When the wedding is all over, take time to reflect on what you learnt about yourself and your reactions to potentially stressful situations,” Stephanie suggests. “If you’ve used the process as an opportunity to develop your understanding of yourself, you can build on this and maintain that inner sparkle.”

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