5 Ways to Achieve Thicker Fuller Eyelashes


Forget mascara, we look at  5 ways to achieve thicker fuller eyelashes…

Are you lacking in the eyelash department? Look no further as our lash guide to make them pop by creating longer, thicker, darker, curlier and overall enhanced eyelashes will transform your eyes!

Eyelash extensions have the power to completely transform your beauty look and leave you feeling full of confidence! Be warned eyelash extensions are an addictive commitment, once you start having them applied and you see how amazing your eyes look you’ll never want to be without them!
Lash extensions mean you won’t have to spend time applying your mascara in the mornings and will not only allow you ten extra minutes in bed each day, but will lift your eyes and make them stand out like you’ve never seen before.
We love Boudoir Lashes run by Lash Queen Asma Docrat, a legend in the lash game.

Ok this one is a bit of a slow burner, but if you stick with it and apply your eyelash growth serum every morning and night, you will see your eyelash growth accelerate. We found that it took about 4 weeks to notice a difference after everyday use but after this amount of time lashes definitely looked longer, thicker and even the lash hairs appeared to be darkened!
RapidLash is an award-winning formula and clinically proven to be safe, effective and boost lash growth using something called Hexatein 1 Complex which consists of six supercharged ingredients created to condition, and lengthen natural lashes.

The Holy Grail of lash treatments, LVL is a lash game-changer!
LVL stands for lengthen, volumise and lift and that’s exactly what this 45-minute treatment does to your natural lashes and lasts for up to 8 weeks. This is the best low-maintenance lash treatment we’ve tried as it really does visibly lift and enhance the lashes, taking the need to wear mascara away! If you do want to wear mascara results are WOW!
Click here for a full list of Noveau accredited salons.

This may sound like a bit of an unnecessary step in your makeup regime, but taking the time to apply a coat of primer to your lashes before reaching for your favorite mascara will elongate your lashes and push them to the limit of length and add noticeable volume. Try Photo Finish Lash Primer by Smashbox 

Yes you read correctly, eyeliner that lasts…for up to 12 months! Never have to waste time in the morning again trying to precisely apply your eyeliner as the semi permanent makeup treatment for the eyes creates as much of an enhancement as you’d like. We went for a subtle lash line enhancement as Sian Dellar, winner of the 2015 Hair & Beauty Awards recommended this to be a great way to enhance the lash line and make the eyes pop- and guess what? She was totally right. This time saving luxury beauty treatment makes the world of difference to the overall look of your lashes and eyes and adds bundles of definition!

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