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5 Ways To Sort A Sore Throat

The common cold is usually caused by pathogens and viruses that are transmitted by airborne infections – and at this time of year, it’s rife. In most cases, a cold disappears without any problems and will be completely cured within no more than a week.

But when a sore throat strikes, it can have a massive impact on your daily life with hoarseness, difficulty swallowing and that horrible feeling of razor blades in your throat. The experts at Grether’s Pastilles have shared some simple but effective ways to sort it, pronto.

  • Silence is golden – If you have a sore throat, you should protect your voice. Most colds also affect our larynx and vocal chords so try to speak as little as possible. Whispering can actually cause additional damage to your voice, so if you must speak, try to do so quickly and at a normal volume.
  • Stay at home – The perfect time to take a duvet day! Rest up and avoid public places wherever possible. If you’re able to work from home then take advantage of that.

  • Gargle – Mix half a teaspoon of salt with approximately 0.4l of lukewarm water, or use a strong herbal tea such as camomile or sage. Take a large glug and gargle at the back of your throat. This will keep your mucus membrane moist and help prevent the cold virus from reproducing.
  • Drink plenty – Too much or too little mucus leads to irritation in the throat and results in your constant need to clear it, further straining the affected areas. Both hot and cold drinks can ease the discomfort, but hot drinks tend to be extra soothing. Try herbal tea or lemon juice diluted with water and a spoonful of honey. You can also try special herbal teas including aniseed, fennel, ginger and green tea.
  • Treat yourself – Whether you are recuperating at home or dealing with your day-to-day, don’t forget your supply of sore throat pastilles. They’ll help to ease your throat and soothe the symptoms.


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