Jodie Kidd Reveals Her Must Have Beauty Items

The model and mum reveals her must-have beauty items and how she makes sure she and her family stay on top of their health.

She made her modelling debut at the age of 15 but for Jodie Kidd, it’s her family she says she’s most proud of.

We caught up with her to find out about staying in shape, her beauty must-haves and her keeping her son Indio in check.

What are the 5 key products in your beauty bag?

Estee Lauder CC cream is the best! I also use their eye liner and Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Charlotte Tilbury Sophisticated is my favourite pallet and my mascara is by Mac.

Talk us through your day time beauty routine?

In the morning I shower then use an Elemis cleanser followed by an Elemis collagen marine cream and an incredible spritz by Temple Spa. I also found a brand called Arc for women in their 30s and 40s which is a really good day time moisturizer. I also love Paw Paw balm.

What’s one bathroom cupboard find you can’t live without?

Pommade Divine! It does everything. I was recommended it by a friend whose husband went out to buy her a tube of it and brought her the company! It helps with everything from rashes to cuts and bruises, you can use it as a lip salve or pop it on your cheeks if it’s cold or windy. It’s incredible. 

How do you manage your family’s healthy living?

We’re very clean living. We’re very conscious that what you put in is what you get out. We grow all our own veg. Indio had exposure to growing vegetables at an early age and loved helping out in the garden. We grow carrots and potatoes and he digs up his dinner! Indio pulls a carrot from the garden for a snack, if you give him a carrot from the supermarket he can taste the difference! We have fresh eggs from our chickens and all the meat we eat is locally sourced and organic. Everything is cooked in coconut oil too.

What foods would we always find in your fridge?

Things that we can’t grow like peppers, organic chicken breast, organic beef, a nice bottle of rose and fizzy water.

What do you do to stay in such good shape?

I take up a lot of challenges for the charities I support like Help for Heroes. Last year I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and last year rode my bicycle around France and Burma to raise funds and awareness for the charity. At the moment I’m training with Olympian rowers to row 900 miles up the Zambezi and next year I want to recreate an operation from World War Two called the Cockershell Heroes in a sea kayak.

 Are there any health trends you stay away from or would keep your son away from?

We have sugar in the house but we’re not a sweet toothed family, if we want dessert we have some fruit. If we do have sugar we use coconut sugar.

What is your advice for parents struggling with getting their children to adopt a good oral health routine?

The key is to start young. If you are having problems now and they are slightly older, you have to make it fun, make it important and make it routine by ensuring they brush at the same time every night

Why are you supporting the Big Family Brush Up?

I’ve always taken good care of my teeth and as a parent I feel that we have a duty to protect the next generation’s oral health. It’s not always easy against a backdrop of sugary treats and busy lifestyles but we only have one set of teeth so it’s important that we care for them right from the appearance of the first tooth.  I believe that by setting a good example and teaching children to care for their teeth properly from a young age their teeth will last them a lifetime. That’s why I’m supporting Denplan’s Big Family Brush-Up campaign. They’ve got brilliant tips, tricks and brushing guides from dental experts to make adopting a good oral health routine that little bit easier. All of this great help and advice is available at




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