Beauty School: F is for Frankincense Oil

Leave the gold and myrrh, because beauty’s latest obsession is an oldie but a goodie – frankincense.

On the spiritual spectrum, it’s frankincense that you should burn if you want protection, purification and spiritual awareness.

On the beauty spectrum, it won’t necessarily deepen your spirituality but it’ll have you believing in some kind of higher being as it could the answer to your skincare prayers.

So what are the benefits of frankincense oil and why is it so revered in the beauty world? We find out.

What exactly is it?

Known as Olibanum, frankincense is a tree resin that’s been used since ancient times for spiritual, medicinal and cosmetic reasons. With a slightly woody, earthy scent, it’s not to everyone’s tastes but you’ll find many versions on the market blended with other essential oils for a palatable scent.

What are the skin benefits?

Its biggest draw is the power to heal. Frankincense oil can help heal wounds, like acne scars, blemishes, stretch marks, dark spots and eczema too. It’s even been known to help heal the appearance of surgical wounds. Obviously, continued use is needed but persevere and you could see amazing results.

Are there other beauty benefits?

Many! Anti-ageing for one. It has the ability to help strengthen the skin, improving tone, elasticity and general skin health, making it stronger to fight ageing aggressors. Another great use is to treat ingrown hairs; because it has antiseptic qualities, it can help to kill germs that cause ingrown hairs. You simply apply it to the ingrown hair and it should help.

Does it do anything else?

Feeling stressed? Frankincense should help. In aromatherapy, it’s used to relieve chronic stress and anxiety, in turn boosting immunity and overall health; pour a few drops you’re your bath for a feel good soak.

Want to give your hair a boost? Pop a few drops onto your scalp to boost your scalp health. Joint pain or aching muscles? Massage a few drops onto the area that’s painful and it should help to reduce any inflammation, easy the pain.

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