6 Beauty Products That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

There are some beauty products that quite frankly, we couldn’t live without. And no, we’re not talking lip balm.

Eyebrow products are an everyday basic, sheet masks are our saviours and don’t get us started on every single double-lettered cream from BB and beyond.

But not all of these have been around forever – in fact, they’re so new we wonder how we got ready in the morning without them.

Here are the can’t live without new kids on the block:

Contour sticks

Long before contour sticks, it was nothing but a bit of bronzer or blush to cheat our way to cheekbones.

Nowadays, contour sticks are our bread and butter, as we swipe, blend and sculpt our faces to chiselled perfection.

Honestly guv, we were born with these remarkably razor sharp cheekbones…

Eyebrow products

We’re not talking eyebrow pencils, because they’ve seen a thing or two. We’re talking eyebrow powders, fibres, serums and oils.

There are eyebrow products to fill in the gaps, to plump the hairs we have there already, to help them grow and to make them darker.

Brows are big. And they look set to stay that way.

Sheet masks

You can thank our obsession with Korean skincare for the rise of sheet masks.

10 years ago, face masks were a messy business. Who can forget the amazing if somewhat freaky peel-off masks we used in our weekly routine?

Cut to 2016 and every beauty brand under the sun has their own version of a sheet mask, a cloth or paper mask saturated with skin-loving ingredients. Leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes and your skin soaks up the gloriously good stuff. Check out Skin Republic’s comprehensive range.

BB and CC Creams

Once upon a time, there was just a skin cream or a tinted moisturiser. Nowadays, we’re buying BB and CC Creams in our droves as we invest more time and money into our skin.

The beauty of these creams is that they cover while working to sort the root of the problem. Rather than just mask a bad skin day, they try to correct them too.


We can thank J-Lo for our obsession with glowy, dewy skin. While she was blessed with hers the rest of us aren’t so lucky, so we’ve turned to highlighters and illuminators for a little make-up magic and to emulate that J-Glow.

Coconut oil

10 years ago we’d never have dreamt we’d be eating so much of the stuff, let alone putting it on our face, hair and body.

But coconut oil is the real deal for your skin, managing to hydrate and moisturise without overpowering or upsetting the natural balance of the skin.

If you haven’t already tried it, you’re missing out; Dr Organic’s Virgin Coconut Oil Day Cream is a one size fits all affair that you’ll find yourself going back to time and time again.

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