8 Beauty Trends We’re Glad to See The Back Off

Beauty looks come and go, but for 2018 we’re hoping these weird and wonderful trends stay in the past.

We love trying out a new beauty trend and experimenting with make-up looks, but there’s some beauty trends from 2017 that we should’ve left well alone.

Joanne Dodson from commented: “It seems like members of the beauty community have been in an unspoken competition to see who can come up with the most unusual and impractical trends this past year.”

Here’s 8 of the worst:

Nose hair extensions – Surely no-one ever actually thought this trend was going to take off, as it involves cutting up false eyelashes and sticking them around the inside of each nostril.

Lollipop lips – This involves applying your favourite lipstick before taking a clean finger and smudging around the edges as though you’d been enjoying a sugary, messy treat. It’s essentially the antithesis to the sharp, clean edges we’re used to seeing with lips, eyeliner and eyebrow. Great for editorials,but not in real life.

Unicorn beauty – Donning candy floss coloured locks, nails and even eyeliner over the past 12 months has been the Insta-thing to do. It’s pretty and screams My Little Pony with pastel pinks, purples, and blues, but we doubt it’ll stand the test of time.

Coloured highlighter – Pretty peach, pink and silver highlighters have been owning social media over the past couple of years, but blue, purple and even black highlighter just seems like a bit of a step too far.

Glitter roots – Glitter roots were the must-do trend during the festival season, but it’s not really appropriate for a day in the office. Not to mention it’s extremely messy!

Using household items to apply makeup – Kitchen utensils, bra padding, and Christian Louboutins have all been used to apply peoples’ make up over the past twelve months – stick to brushes, we say.

Flare nails – Looking like something straight from the 70s, the free edge of the nail flares out wider at the bottom. On the plus side, the shape offers a wider canvas for nail art and a signature look, on the downside they don’t look at all realistic and they’re probably incredibly impractical too.

Eyebrow wigs – Human hair and synthetic eyebrow wigs are a great solution for those wanting a more defined brow shape, but with the number of eyebrow products on the market now, you can skip the wig and keep it more natural.



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