8 Tips to Salvage Your Marriage

Every marriage has its ups and downs, but when the downs are more frequent than the ups, it’s time to give your relationship a little R+R.

Not sure where to start? Life Coach Carole Ann Rice reveals her top tips of keeping that flame burning in a relationship that could salvage a marriage:

Dates with a difference – Keep up those romantic, spontaneous date nights that you had in the beginning. Spice it up with a little role play, meet your partner at a venue and pretend you’ve only just met and enjoy being flirted with, chatted up – be seduced!

Surprise surprise – It doesn’t have to be for a special occasion to surprise your other half. Their favourite cake, book, magazine, bubble bath, a thank you card, they’ll all do.

Love notes – Hide love notes for your partner, in their lunch box, suit pocket, handbag, even the fridge.

Give each other space – Be cool about your partner wanting time out for hobbies, friends or sport, 
encourage separate interests. This keeps conversation lively and watching your partner be passionate 
about their interests is super attractive.

Don’t take each other for granted – If you saw your partner at work you would remember they are a 
dynamic individual not just another set of hands to change nappies, do the washing up or make the beds. 
Take time to point out their attractive qualities outside of the family, practical surroundings.

Take up an adventure together – Do a cookery course, learn about wine, go wall climbing, play poker, 
build a small online business – whatever it is, have a shared passion.

Complement each other and be grateful – Smile at each other and show appreciation. This 
sort of generosity is often overlooked when routine and familiarity see you as a team rather than romantic 
partners, but it’s important to keep intimacy alive.

Separate identities – Remember that each of you are individuals in your own right, outside of the 
relationship. Try to imagine your partner at work and see them as the independent and dynamic person they are. This can bring a certain attraction back into the relationship as it reminds you of their individual amazing qualities, rather than focusing on how tired or stressed they are when they get home from a long day or when dealing with family life.


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