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Aloe Vera Juice: 5 Health Benefits

Adding a swig of this plant extract to your diet could reap massive rewards. Here’s some of the benefits of aloe vera juice.


It’s the latest health craze, but is it really worth adding a shot of aloe vera juice to your daily diet?

According to those in the know, yes it is – because the healing plant has a whole host of benefits to the body, from skin to sorting out cholesterol.

Nutritionist Libby Limon, who works with Simplee Aloe, commented: “Aloe vera is an excellent addition to any healthy diet, helping us to absorb more nutrients from other foods, helping to reduce harmful cholesterol and providing anti-ageing properties.”

Want to know more? Here are the top 5 health benefits of aloe vera juice:

 Aloe vera helps with anti-ageing

According to recent studies, aloe vera can increase the amount of vitamins C and E that is absorbed by the body from other foods, boosting their anti-ageing potential. It’s detoxifying goodness also means it helps the body to remove toxins from the digestive system, which are the cause of a load of skin woes from dry skin to spots.

Aloe vera can improve gut health

Libby explains: “The gut is made up of different sections that all play a vital part in the detoxifying process – the stomach, small intestine and large intestine. The gut contains different substances that are produced to facilitate the digestion process, including enzymes, stomach acid, bile and gut flora bacteria.

“Aloe vera works in a unique way by supporting the digestive process from all angles. Not only does it soothe the process but it also enhances absorption of nutrients by adding in its own enzyme and supporting the gut flora. It’s surprising how many people are unaware of the benefits of aloe vera on the gut, however a shot of aloe vera a day can help to improve the digestive flow and nourish you from the inside out.”


Aloe vera helps the body to balance sugar

 Weight issues are directly linked to poor blood sugar balance, says Libby.

“Subclinical blood sugar highs, in turn, lead to lows which cause us to reach for sugary snacks – especially during the ‘afternoon slump’. Aloe vera has healthy polysaccharides which have been shown to help to balance blood sugar levels.”

Aloe vera boosts the immune system

Aloe vera can help the immune system to strike the right balance between recognising and fighting invading viruses and bacteria, but not overreacting which can cause intolerance or allergy type symptoms.

It works in the liver too, protecting it and supporting detoxification.

Aloe vera lowers harmful cholesterol

It’s final big benefit is a big one. Libby comments; “Aloe vera contains Phytosterols and soluble fibres that prevent absorption and reabsorption of LDL cholesterols from food and the liver.” Genius, huh?



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