Emu Oil in Beauty

From anti-inflammatory properties to anti-ageing, we delve into beauty’s new discovery.

Search for emu oil on Amazon and a quick read of some of the reviews (‘best decision of my life’, ‘this is great stuff’) will make you think it’s a genie in a bottle.


But emu oil is still something of a relative unknown to the mass beauty market. So what is it exactly? And what are the benefits of using it?

Where does emu oil come from?

 Put simply, emu oil comes from the fat of an emu and contains a whole host of essential fatty acids, plus the highest concentration of omega 3 found in nature. Emus are raised all over the world as livestock, primarily for their meat. Raised in humane conditions, they’re said to be the most environmentally friendly livestock because all parts of the bird are used plus they actually improve the land they’re raised on.

What are the skin benefits of emu oil?

In beauty terms, it’s a bit of an all-rounder – even for sensitive skin. As well as moisturising and softening the skin, it has anti-inflammatory properties (so great for scar healing and treating spots with) as well as general skin health. Its antioxidant properties help to re-build cells to give the skin a youthful boost, and it’s even been praised for helping to treat skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. Applied topically, the consistency can vary but is generally like a thick, creamy oil.

What are the other beauty benefits?

Although there’s no real study-based evidence of this, many people have said to have massaged emu oil into bald patches or areas of their hair that are thinning, and found the hair has grown back. Others have used it to moisturise their hair and scalp, helping to improve the general condition of the hair.

Does it do anything else?

As well as the beauty pluses, studies showed that it can ease swollen joints and muscular pain – it’s down to those anti-inflammatory properties.

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