Best Of: Men’s Summer Scents

The amazing thing about fragrance is its guaranteed and never failing power to transform you into a more attractive, sexier confident version of yourself in just a few spritzes. The aftermath of investing in a great scent is endless, helping you to bag that job, win that girl (albeit possibly forcing her into a false sense of security due to your amazing taste in fragrance –thank us later) and generally being a pretty darn good smelling guy! However the challenge here is getting it right and choosing the right scents to suit the season, after all you don’t want to smell of wintery and warming nutmeg, cinnamon and wood in the peak of summer when what you really need is fresh, uplifting and light scents to see you through the hottest months of the year-So with this in mind we share the best scents of the summer….

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Swimming in Lipari


The classic Light Blue scent by D&G has become somewhat a classic since it launched in 2007. This new special edition for this year is summer specific has essence of citrus, grapefruit and rosemary with refreshing marine vibes thanks to the sweet ambergris and sea salt.

Tom Ford Costa Azzurra

Another blue bottled special as part of Tom Ford’s Private Blend fragrance line this version ‘Costa Azzurra’ combines coastal notes of driftwood, seaweed and oud with deeper tones of mastic and oak- the lemon, mandarin and lavender give it a refreshing summer feel making it a perfect addition to the heavy elements that make this fragrance so attractive. This scent smells expensive matching its fairly hefty price tag- worth it though as it smells incredible.

Aqua Di Parma Mandorlo Di Sicilia

The Mediterranean bottled! This mildly sweet yet refreshing summer scent combines Mediterranean almond with ylang-ylang and base notes of vanilla, Tolu and white musk, making it a statement summer scent with added depth. For any summer grooms out there, we highly recommend this scent! It’s really, rather a special one.

Escentric Molecules, Molecule 01

Made from just one single ingredient, this outstanding fragrance has been cleverly designed to smell and feel different on each person who wears it- this works by the aromachemical reacting with skin heat. It’s been a hugely popular choice this year and after smelling it for ourselves we can see why it’s given the world of fragrance something never before seen. We think it’s the perfect scent for summer when skin is hotter than ever, it seems to react really well and we’ve tested this on different people for a accurate review!

Calvin Klein Eternity for Summer

This super summery scent is sweeter than the original Eternity for summer and the sweetness matched with the salty sea notes, fig leaf and cypress work incredibly well to create a very beachy fragrance you’ll want to wear all summer long.

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