Be Brave And Wear Blue!

Makeup Artist Jourdan Walker shares her top tips on taking blue eye makeup from runway to everyday!

Let’s be honest, blue eye makeup had a bad rep! We don’t know about you, but it instantly reminds us of Eastender’s Pat Butcher and her iconic blue eyeshadow, so we totally understand you might be reading this wondering how on earth blue eye makeup could be the next big beauty trend!

Believe it or not blue has made a big come back and is one of the biggest and most desired catwalk beauty looks for Spring and Summer this year.
Blue is a great alternative to the usual and sometimes boring black eyeliner and has the ability to instantly brighten the eyes making the whites of the eye look whiter. If you haven’t tried wearing blue eye makeup before, experiment at home before you decide on the final look you want to go for, remember a little goes a long way and just a subtle sweeping of a soft blue powder can create a beautiful end result.
Channel your inner creativity and have fun with it, it doesn’t have to be bold -“Adding a colour like blue allows for truly bespoke beauty creativity,” says Chanel’s make-up artist Zoe Taylor.

INDUSTRY INSIDER: Makeup Artist Jourdan Walker shares her top tips on taking blue eye makeup from runway to everyday!

When it comes to choosing the right blue, always pick a blue that’s lighter than your own eye colour this way it creates contrast and will make your own eye colour POP! Blue particularly looks great on ‘Brown’ eyes

Try a soft blue shadow over the lid and then apply a darker shade of blue shadow on the lower lash line! This will highlight the shape of anyone’s eyes and make the white appear whiter.

Apply an electric blue or shimmery blue shadow just on the lower lash line, and keep the top lid nude. This make-up look makes eyes appear bigger and wider! Make the lower lash line smokey and smudgy.

Some people say “my eyes are too big!” (We love big eyes!!) but some would love to make eyes appear less prominent. So by apply a bold bright blue shadow to just the top lid and leaving the lower lash line bare. This will instantly give the illusion the eyes are smaller. The bold blue is such a block colour, it takes away space from the lid making eyes look smaller.

One of my favourite blue eye makeup looks is to start the eyes with lighter blue and smoke out the outer corner of the eyes with a darker, deeper blue eye shadow. And then under the eyes do the same! Start with the inner corner of the lower lash line with lighter blue going half way in, and finishing the lower lash line half way out with darker blue. Connecting the two darker blue colours together. This will make eyes look bigger and create a sexy, smouldering look, with the dark smokey shadow to frame the eye!

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