Cellulite: All you need to know

Want rid of yours? We’ve got the expert insight – and it doesn’t have to cost you fortune.

Sometimes it’s called orange peel syndrome. Sometimes it’s referred to as lumps and bumps or thigh dimples. But let’s call it as we see it – it’s cellulite, and betting on the odds, you’re one of the 90% of women who have it.

 Cellulite is part of being a woman, part of our ever-evolving bodies and in part, it’s a pesky flaw that we tend to obsess over come summer when we want to flounce around in shorts or swimsuits, and forget about come winter.

And before you blame yours on your latest binge or last weekend’s takeaway, don’t. Because it could be there regardless of what you’re stuffing in your face.

“There are a number of causes of cellulite, including changes in metabolism, physiology, diet, exercise habits, and hormones,” explains nutritionist Sarah Flower.

“The reason for the dimpling is due to body fat deposited deep underneath the skin, and in turn pushes up against underlying connective tissue. When the underlying fat cells expand, it limits the space under the skin and pushes the fat towards the skin, causing the dimpled effect.”

So while we don’t know the exact cause of our own cellulite, it’s certainly not a reason to indulge yourself now and then. But if yours is the bane of your life, what are the non-surgical solutions to bettering yours?

She might have some questionable advice but one thing we can agree on with Gwyneth Paltrow is that dry body brushing is a godsend when it comes to cellulite. It’s been around for centuries and involves brushing dry skin with a soft brush. The trick is to brush in circular motions towards the heart, starting on your left side, to stimulate circulation and support the lymphatic system with lymphatic drainage.


As well as body brushing, Sarah recommends massaging cellulite with a Cold Pressed Caster Oil, as this can promote collagen production plus elastin, and penetrates deep into the skin.

 Of course, you could go straight to source and sup on supplements – Ginkgo Biloba is the best for breaking down fat cells and removing toxins, according to Sarah. “Ginkgo Biloba is a powerful herb, widely used to help boost circulation, particularly to the smaller capillaries.  This can help stimulate good blood supply to the tissues affected by cellulite, aiding the breakdown of the fatty tissue. “

And as we know, what’s going on inside our bodies often comes out on the outside – your hormones being one of the biggest show and tellers. Apparently, the reason women are more susceptible to cellulite is down to the changes in our hormones. Low oestrogen can result in a lacklustre circulation and a breakdown in collagen production, making cellulite appear even more obvious. Sarah recommends Evening Primrose Oil for balancing hormones.

Some foods will help the lumps look less bumpy; fruit and veg are all on the yes list while upping your water intake will help to flush out toxins. On the no list are caffeine and carbohydrates, which will help to balance insulin in the body and reduce inflammation.

Spendy cellulite options

If you’ve got cash to splash or want to invest in sorting your cellulite once and for all, here are a few pricier ideas…

Venus Legacy (prices vary) – In basic terms, this treatment uses heat from radio frequency technology to naturally break down fat cells and boosts collagen production – essentially, smoothing cellulite. It’s quite a commitment, as you’ll need to have between 6-8 sessions once a week but results are said to be revolutionary.

Velashape (prices vary)- Uses four different technologies to target cellulite; infra-red, Bi-polar radio-frequency, mechanical tissue manipulation using pulsed vacuum plus massage rollers. There’s a lot going on but results are visible from your first session. However, for lasting results, you’ll need between 3-6.

PROSKINS Slim (from £37.50) – Believe it or not, there are tops and leggings that work on your cellulite while you run around town. PROSKINS Slim is a range made from high-tech fabric with active slimming ingredients that work on your cellulite. Genius.

Sisley Cellulinov (£142) – Plant-based active ingredients and essential oils within this product are said to target cellulite and smooth the skin. Dedication required, as this needs to be applied morning and evening.

Bliss FatGirlSlim Lean Machine (£120) – If you can’t be bothered to go to the salon once a week, take your cellulite into your own hands with an at-home machine. Bliss’ machine offers vacuum assisted massage to work their FatGirlSlim toning cream in

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