The Charlotte Tilbury Phenomenon


Here at TLL HQ we call it the ‘Charlotte Tilbury Phenomenon’ because ever since Charlotte burst onto the makeup, and now skincare scene we’ve been well and truly hooked to say the least.

We feel safe to speak for the majority here as not only are Charlotte’s products beautifully packaged – quite possibly the understatement of the century as we don’t know about you but we certainly feel that its our duty to show off our CT purchases as much as we can in public (tube journey lippy touchup’s) and we proudly display them on our dressing tables at home as if they’re treasured ornaments before sharing on instagram for all to envy over. But the main factor in this beauty brand addiction is the fact that the somewhat pretty products actually deliver GORGEOUS results and make us look and feel amazing (filmstar bronze we’re pointing at you here)!
We cannot discuss the popularity and success of this Charlotte Tilbury Phenomenon without highlighting the brand’s hugely successful marketing and PR strategy, it’s off the scale! Think hypnotizing videos of transformed skin at the beauty counters whilst you mooch around deciding whether the £100 Magic Night Cream is worth the investment, after three seconds mooching you want to buy the whole range!

Everything about the branding and interactive, visual approach to the brand really makes us believe that the makeup will not only enhance your beauty levels ten fold but will quite possibly turn you into the next Kate Moss. We’re also big fans of the endless ‘how to’ tutorials featuring Tilbury herself featuring every single product in the range (very clever) where she constantly refers to her audience as ‘darling’s’ as if we’re all one big beauty family – oh how we wish!
As you can see It’s a challenge to rebel against this Tilbury world of super model smokey eyes, glowing skin and contouring to quite literally die for- slight exaggeration we know, but seriously have you tried it?!
It’s hard not to be a sucker for Charlotte Tilbury’s all singing, all dancing marketing campaign with charlotte’s friends including the likes of Penelope Cruz and Kate Moss to help promote her brand -she’s like the popular girl at school, everyone loves her and everyone wants a piece of her!


Luckily we’re able, at a price, to have lots of pieces of her with Charlotte’s rather extensive range and have picked the top 5 Charlotte Tilbury investment products that are worth your hard earned cash and deliver truly incredible results….




This foundation creates a truly flawless finish that lasts. It provides full coverage without weighing your skin down and allows your skin to breathe. Great for blemished skins and fine lines, Magic Foundation transforms skin and looks fab in photos too- ‘selfie’s at the ready!



Hefty price tag but worth every penny, this genius night cream-elixir as Charlotte calls it feeds your skin whilst you sleep at night with a powerhouse of 8 youth-boosting ingredients including, Winter Daphne Stem Cell Extract and Time Released Retinol that will transform tired, dull skin lacking luster to glowing, radiant skin full of life. The texture is really interesting too; almost balm like and definitely has that expensive luxurious feel to it when you apply it.



This gorgeous rose gold packaged duo will sculpt, slim, shorten, trim, highlight and bronze your complexion! A true wonder product that will make a big difference to the end result of your makeup look- it’s a dreamy product you won’t know how you lived without!




Lipliners are taking over the world of lipsticks and this lipliner will be your secret weapon to creating the perfectly enhanced, kissable and long wearing lip colour that has the power to re-shape and re-size your lips- goodbye lip fillers there’s no need when you have this little gem!



This super soft, luminosity enhancing micro-fine powder has the impressive ability to blur away lines and imperfections and is the best touch up powder in a hurry when you need to touch up your face and banish shine but when you don’t have enough time to redo your entire base.


Video Credit – Charlotte Tilbury

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