Dry Lips 101: How to Sort Chapped Lips

Feeling your lips getting chapped and sore? We asked the experts on how to keep them moisturised.

The cold weather means the heating is turned up full blast, and one thing that’s probably suffering is your lips – dry, chapped and peeling is never a good look. So we asked Dr Esho, known the as The King of Lips, on how to keep those smackers smooth and hydrated whatever the weather.

Why do we get dry lips?

“As a body function, lips help to regulate body temperature by allowing heat to leave through the permeable muscosal layers and as a result, aren’t good at retaining moisture. There are no oil glands within the lips, and with the case that lips lose both heat and moisture, this can leave them susceptible to becoming dry and cracked if we don’t take care of them, which can also be exacerbated by the weather or by licking your lips too much.”

How can I combat dry lips?

“Stop licking your lips!” Dr Esho urges. “You’re not LL Cool J! Your saliva has enzymes that break down the natural lipid barrier of your lips which cause dryness, soreness and inflammation.”

Look for natural ingredients, like shea butter, beeswax and squalene. These help to seal water within the lips, encouraging healing to help repair chapped lips. You can also try coconut and almond oils. “If lips are very irritated, opt for lip serums or balms that are free of fragrance and parabens. These may sting or cause irritation after application. Always wear SPF on your lips. Your lips are more susceptible to sun or cold burns than your skin due to the lack of melanin. Lip cancers are common, so don’t treat your lips as an after thought.”

Dr Esho’s hacks for beating dry lips:

  • Mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar. Massage the mixture into your lips and leave 5 minutes before removing with a warm muslin cloth.
  • Apply a thick layer of squalene to your lips. With a clean soft toothbrush, gently brush you lips in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes.
  • Apply coconut or shea oil to the lips and leave overnight.



Shea butter is a great natural ingrediant and we were lucky enough to try Mon Shea, Shea Oil . This rich moisturising oil which is more moisturising than Coconut oil, Shea butter and Argan oil, will instantly soften and smooth your dry lips!

Top Tip:

Apply some pure Shea Oil on your lips with a clean finger overnight and wake up to moisturised smooth lips!

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