Embrace Your Curly Hair!

Embrace Your Curly Hair!

2016 has been named ‘The Year of The Curl’. Yes that’s right, curly haired girls and guys its time to embrace what nature blessed you with and start celebrating those curls, instead of ironing them out straight and trying to get rid of them!

For the last decade curls have been pretty non existent, its been all about poker straight, smooth hair and since the birth of the ‘Ghd’ and straightening irons there’s barely been a natural curl in sight. From advertising campaigns to catwalk shows, the only curls we’ve seen are polished recreated curls not natural, big and bouncy curls- but that’s all starting to change as the most recent Spring / Summer shows models were specially casted for the natural movement in their hair which stylists enhanced and not styled out like we’ve seen in previous seasons.

Being the start of summer it couldn’t be a more perfect time for the curl to make a comeback when we all look for the lowest maintenance hairstyles possible, so with this in mind James Galvin, Artistic Director and Kerastase Brand Ambassador has curated a hair service menu totally dedicated to special hair cuts dedicated to all types and lengths of curly hair in association with Kerastase and exclusive to the Daniel Galvin Selfridges hair salon for the first three months, before it rolls out into the flagship salon in Marylebone and Kensington.

Q&A with James Galvin 

Q. Why do you feel so passionately about bringing curls back with your dedicated hair menu?

‘For the last thirty years or so women have been styling their hair with round brushes, rollers, tongs and irons that most don’t even know what their natural texture is anymore. Its time to embrace curly hair, enhance it and make the most or what nature gave you, but always remembering that the condition or your curls is key. Its a fantastic time for women to be re-educated into how to wear/style their curly hair to make it look current and cool’

Q.What is the 2016 curl all about?

There is a fine line between curls looking current and curls looking dated. There mustn’t be a crispy dry looking curl in sight. Todays curls move, bounce and are far more playful than the 80’s version. Much healthier. They don’t have to be perfect, just healthy and with a little texture towards the ends to keep the ends looking interesting.
Q. Other than the cut of the curl what other elements create beautiful curly hair?
Condition is a big issue women with curls face as curly hair tends to be more unruly/dryer and frizzy. Using the correct products are a must and your approach to cleansing/conditioning and styling is a vital ingredient to healthy fun looking curls. Use a cleansing shampoo that won’t strip your hair of the natural head oils we need to help calm frizz and lock curls together. Kerastase discipline curl Ideal is the perfect range for cleansing, conditioning and styling. Hair never feels crispy or dry with these products. Hair will look healthy, full of life and manageable.

Q.Is your ‘Cuts for Curls’ hair menu just for girls and guys with natural curls?

No, Its not just women with curly hair that this trend is good for. Women with straight hair can always have fun by tonging with very small tongs to create a fake curly hair style. These just won’t last as long as the real thing.
Curls are back for everyone, whether you have them naturally or need them styled into your hair.



THE BOUNCY BOB – Think Audrey Tautou. This short, sassy curl is cute, cool – and always knows how to have fun

THE NEW WAVE LOB – Chic and tousled, as the close curly cousin of the straight girl’s lob, this collarbone-kissing length exudes the eternal elegance of Thandie Newton.

THE CHOPPY SHAG – The more dishevelled it looks, the better this curl feels – so let its naturally shaggy texture do the talking. With its rippling, medium length it juxtaposes sweetness with sex appeal. Like Katie Melua and Shakira all rolled into one.

THE SPIRALIZER – Fun and feisty, a little bit kooky. This medium length corkscrew is the Sarah Jessica Parker of all curls.

THE HIPSTER – A delicate wave with an auburn glow. This is a curl that’s soft and romantic – with something free spirited about it. Nurture the nonchalant cool of this longer curl by channelling Lily Cole and Kate Winslet at their wavy red best.
THE SUPERMODEL CURL – If curls could be gym bunnies, this one would be super t. Conditioned to perfection with definition to die for, this longer, thicker curl has powerhouse hints of Beyoncé, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks – and even a young Julia Roberts about it.

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