Facial Brushes – How To Use Them Properly


Face cleansing brushes have become a skincare staple for so many wanting to go the extra mile to remove the dirt and grime from the face, in a bid to get deep enough to thoroughly clean the skin and ultimately to reveal a glowing and blemish free complexion. After conducting a short survey with our readers surrounding this topic, we’ve had lots of interesting feedback from ladies (and a few guys too) saying they’re often left with red, patchy skin after using certain face brushes and in some cases outbreaks occurring as a result of using a brush to clean the face.
Many of the face brushes on the market have pretty hefty price tags attached to them, so we’re here to offer some advice on how to get the most out of your face brush….


Face brushes can be great when used properly but the key here is not to over use them. Overuse can lead to excessive dryness, redness, sensitivity, and broken capillaries- we recommend using your face brush once or twice a week as daily use strips the skim of its natural ‘acid mantle’ and therefore disrupts the PH balance. The best time to use your brush is at night instead of the morning as there will be considerably more skin debris and sebum build up from the day to brush away.


Nasty breakouts can easily occur if you don’t properly clean your face brush after each and every use. This is absolutely essential to remember as a dirty face brush is basically the same as rubbing your face in dead skin cells, old makeup traces, bacteria and grime- gross! Wash your brush with soap and water or even alcohol to ensure all debris is banished from your brush. After cleaning use a clean towel to dry your brush straight after you’ve washed it to prevent bacteria growing on your brush.

Sharing is caring but not in this case! We were surprised to hear that some people share their face brushes with family and friends. The simple answer to this is just never ever do this!! Think of the bacteria and dirt build up from different skin that you could be spreading all over your face.

It’s important to treat your skin to a good moisturiser after brushing just incase the brush has stripped your skin of naturally occurring oils. Keep your skin balanced and hydrated.


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