Fake Tan Do’s And Don’ts

With UK fake tan sales rising by 40% in the last year it’s a fact that us Brits love to fake it when it comes to tanning -pale pins are simply not an option!

Not only does fake tan provide a safe solution to creating tanned skin without the dangerous risk of skin being exposed to the sun’s damaging UV rays, but it also allows us to get that sun-kissed look without having to elope to Barbados.

So, whether you want a subtle, gradual tan enhancement, an instant streak-free tan for that spontaneous last-minute night out or a long-lasting deep tan to replicate a fortnight’s worth of sun worshiping on holiday, we can promise you there is a tan to fit the bill and go above and beyond your tanning expectations.

There’s no denying it, fake tanning products have come a long way over the last decade with luxury brands including St.Tropez, Vita Liberata and James Read Tan using super impressive formulas delivering odour free, orange free and patch-free gorgeously bronzed results. No wonder everyone’s going crazy for the fake stuff! With this in mind we’ve created a simple fake tanning ‘do’s and don’ts’ guide to make sure your tan looks as flawless and natural as possible…

DO EXFOLIATE before tanning and start 48 hours prior to your tan application. Exfoliate at least twice to remove dead skin and pay special attention to your elbows, feet and any extra dry areas on your body that your tanning solution might attach to. Dry skin will absorb the fake tan and show up darker than the rest of your body, a tell-tale sign that you’ve faked tan and not a good look!

DO APPLY AT NIGHT TIME it’s the best time to tan, you can get into comfy clothes and sleep through the developing time. By morning your tan will be fully developed so all you need to do is wash it off and enjoy your new sun-kissed look.

DO ADD MOISTURISER mix in a tiny bit of moisturiser to your tanning product if you still have some dry patches on your body and apply it directly to those areas. This will dilute the colour and provide extra hydration to your dry patches.

DO START AT THE TOP AND WORK DOWN leaving your feet until last.

DON’T APPLY THE SAME PRODUCT TO YOUR FACE as you would to your body. Instead invest in a fake tan designed especially for the face otherwise it is likely to be too dark and won’t have the same complexion-loving ingredients face tan products have.

DON’T FORGET TO WEAR GLOVES because there’s nothing worse than orange palms and it will blow your cover straight away! Use gloves or a tanning mitt to apply your tan it’s the only way.

DON’T SHAVE just before you tan or the day after you tan. Shaving before could create skin irritation and shaving the day afterwards will shave away your tan!

DON’T BRUSH YOUR TEETH straight after tanning your face. You don’t want to be left with white patches around your mouth.

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