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Fitness Trends For 2018

It’s resolution season. As we prepare our mince pie-busting fitness regimes, TLL provides the lowdown on what’s hot in 2018.

In 2017, the fitness industry turned its attention towards wellness, mindfulness and time-efficient training.

So what’s big for 2018?  

An annual worldwide survey, by American College of Sports Medicine, used over 4,000 responses to rank 2018’s top fitness trends.

We used data from the survey – combined with insight from industry experts – to give you our predictions.

High-Intensity Vs Low-Intensity Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) took the number one spot in the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2018.

But certified wellness coach and qualified personal trainer Ellie McInerney says: “Now it could be time to switch things up. Or down.”

Popularised by Kayla Itsines, Australian personal trainer and Bikini Body Guides author, Low-intensity steady state (LISS) training burns the same amount of calories as HIIT, but without the same brutal intensity.

An Ohio State University study found keeping the body guessing by varying walking speed can burn 20% more than walking in a straight line.

To put this research into practice, switch your HIIT sessions with a long walk, changing speed and direction every five minutes.

Wearable Tech

Rated the top trend in 2017, wearable technology includes popular devices like Fitbit and Apple watch.

Wearables rank third for 2018, indicating a decline in their dominance, but they’re still on-trend going forward.

“So why are lifestyle wearables doing so well?” Asks Dr Daniel James, research affiliate at Queensland Academy of Sport.

“Partly it’s the trickle-down effect from elite sport.

.“Although the technologies are in their infancy, they are fashionable, topical and experiencing tremendous growth.

“The next wave will be more sophisticated and penetrate into many more market segments, in particular health and the workplace. We are seeing this in 2018,” Dr James told TLL.

Body Weight Training

Designed to push you to your limits and strengthen you from inside out, body weight training ranked fourth in the 2018 survey.

When combined with self-limiting movement, body weight training is a great way to stay in shape while improving muscular imbalance and poor posture.

Jake Robinson, Progress Lifestyle founder and qualified personal trainer said: “Self-limiting movement is a progression of a basic exercise.

“It could become quite fashionable; it will probably be big on Instagram where people show off more advanced movements.”

Virtual Reality

Once the preserve of naff nineties nerds, virtual reality is making a credible comeback.

But in the fitness world, it divides opinion.

For some, VR is an innovative way to train, offering the potential to go for picturesque runs and compete in global events without leaving the comfort of home.

Others prefer conventional fitness, like group workout classes, as a more sociable and accessible way to get fit.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about VR is its ability to combine exercise with play.

Devices like the Omni by Virtuix bring the excitement of video games to the often reluctantly embraced world of fitness, which could positively impact childhood obesity.

But wellbeing personal trainer, Yousuf Siddiqui, admitted he had his reservations.

He said: “Outside influences help, but they won’t get you to your end goal unless you’re totally motivated.”

Other Trends…

Yoga Variations

Taking sixth place in the survey, yoga is set to be a huge trend in 2018.

Variations of the practice including beer yoga—that’s right—and aerial yoga have taken London by storm.

Girl Power

It’s no secret more girls than ever are entering the free-weights zone of the gym.

Qualified PT Pandora Porter said: “We’re beginning to see just as many girls doing weights as boys.”

For women in 2018, strong is the new skinny.

Remote Classes


Use of live streaming and platforms like FaceTime and Skype could see remote classes replacing traditional workout videos in 2018.

Platforms like Progress Lifestyle App hope to capitalise on this trend.





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