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Our feet literally walk us through life’s ups and downs, they pound those pavements getting us through the marathons we run and the travels we go on every single day. Our feet enable us to see the world and physically walk us to the places we love to experience, allowing us to create memories we’ll forever cherish. This may sounds like a bit of an extreme way to talk about feet, but in all seriousness they are precious and they deserve to be well maintained and looked after. It seems though, for the most of us the priority to have a decent pedicure only comes during the summertime when we prepare for our feet to be exposed in sandals and on the beach, but we’ve discovered the Importance of a full foot MOT thanks to a leading foot clinic.
With healthy feet in mind we did some research and discovered a clinic solely dedicated to the feet and hands, ‘Margaret Dabbs’. After visiting the clinic to experience it first hand (pardon the pun!) we have given the Maragret Dabbs Medical Pedicure a five star review. Read on to find out why….


To give you some background on Margaret Dabbs, she is a fully trained Podiatrist renowned for her ‘Medical Pedicure’ AKA ‘Medi Pedi’ and set up her first and flagship clinic in Marylebone before opening up a series of clinics in Cheltenham, Notting Hill, Liberty London, and Dubai with her latest clinic opening soon in Manchester. As well as offering medical inspired treatments for the hands and feet Margaret has also created a range of products to fuse together both the health and beauty of the feet and hands. Her extensive range of products are all created using raw ingredients sourced from around the world, with one of the most famous ingredients she uses in almost all of her products being Emu Oil, famous for its healing properties and has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years.


Margaret Dabbs should be crowned the Foot Queen as her ‘Medi Pedi’s’ have gained true cult status and are in extremely high demand, you only have to mention the words ‘Medi Pedi’ and the name on everyone’s lips is Margaret Dabbs, she really has created an amazing name for herself.
The Margaret Dabbs clinic combine medical level luxury and comfort all rolled into one clinic renowned for enhancing the feet and hands.



The Medical Pedicure treatment lasts for 45 minutes in total and involves a full foot and nail consultation or ‘MOT’ as we like to call it, and is performed by one of Dabb’s fully qualified Podiatrists. This is what sets the Medi Pedi apart from the standard pedicure as the level of care, transformation and work that goes into the feet during a treatment is second to none and delivers a medical treatment along with beauty, resulting in beautiful and healthy feet.
The skin on the feet are medically treated depending on your foot condition and filed using the most impressive foot file designed my Margaret Dabbs herself, exfoliated, and basically completely transformed. Toenails are rehydrated, shaped, buffed and revitalized.

The treatment is recommended at least once a month to keep feet healthy and looking their best.
Having had the treatment ourselves we can certainly see what all the fuss is about, this Medi Pedi is unlike anything else out there and you’d be doing your feet an injustice by not taking them to visit Margaret Dabbs.

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