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Gym Skin- How To Look After Your Skin When Working Out (With Expert Tips From A Celebrity Facialist)

As far as you’re concerned you take care of our skin by cleansing it every morning and night to keep it clean and looking its best, right? But have you thought about what your skin goes through whilst sweating out at the gym and what positive and negative effects are of a sweaty complexion?

Sweating is a natural process the body goes through in order to regulate the body’s temperature and is actually one of the ways the skin removes the impurities and essentially ‘detoxes’. The pores open up, the detox takes place and as a result the skin looks healthier and more radiant- but it’s before, during and after that we need to think about.’Gym skin’ – yes, it’s a ‘thing’, is the answer to lot of skin dilemmas, including breakouts so we talk to celebrity facialist Teresa Tarmey, about how to look after our skin before, during and after a workout and learn why sweat can be good and bad for the skin…

What should you do after a workout?
It’s very important to cleanse the skin as soon after workout as possible to avoid the build-up of sweat in the pores, which can lead to breakouts, milia or skin rash. Make sure you rehydrate after a workout by drinking plenty of water and green juices including ingredients such as cucumber, avocado and spinach.

What to do about red and over-heated skin post workout?
Cleansing the skin straight after a workout helps to constrict the blood vessels quicker to reduce redness and as soon as the skin is cleansed with cold or lukewarm water, it’s good to apply a product rich in soothing ingredients such as aloe vera or rose water. Exercising generates an inflammation within the body and the skin and I’d advise to apply some anti-inflammatory moisturiser to replenish hydration back into the skin and reduce redness.

What’s the best way to cleanse skin after a workout?
It really depends on how much time you have for your skin routine after your workout. If you have some spare time to do a quick treatment then it’s a great moment to apply an enzymatic mask – after workout the pores are dilated and any product will get in the skin more effectively.

 But having said that, if your skin is generally sensitive I would avoid anything that could cause further redness and choose only a gentle face wash.

How best can you avoid blemishes and breakouts due to sweaty skin after a workout?
The biggest priority is to cleanse the skin and wipe of all the sweat. For blemish-prone skins it’s good to support the skin additionally with an antibacterial face wash. Then a spritz of a toner based on witch-hazel or rose water will further refresh the skin and both ingredients are known from antibacterial and calming properties.

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