Hair: Tips & Trends by Michael John Guzzon, Art Director, Aldo Coppola


Having collaborated with some of the biggest fashion houses including Valentino and Christian Dior and styled the likes of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, Aldo Coppola has risen to be a well-respected brand around the world.

Aldo Coppola has opened its doors in the UK with a salon in London’s, South Kensington, complete with a 360o beauty and wellness space, allowing clients to enjoy a unique spa experience, using only natural, organic products and techniques.

Aldo Coppola’s London Art Director, Michael John Guzzon shares his haircare tips and trends…

What at-home treatment would you recommend to your customers to keep hair looking healthy?

Using lemon and orange juices on the scalp helps prevent hair loss and dry scalp – do this on a weekly basis to ensure hair is kept looking shiny.

What are your top tips for managing and styling hair in the winter months?

Hair tends to get greasier during the winter months because wrapping up warm can cause us to sweat more increasing the oils on our scalp. Michael John recommends using shampoo and conditioners which have natural oils and herbs infused in order to combat grease and keep moisture locked in.

What are your top tips for managing and styling hair in the summer months?

Hair should be protected from the sun and heat whilst on the beach and it is recommended to shampoo hair every day with a hydrating shampoo help treat dry and damaged.

What is the most important thing when it comes to hair, colour & cut? Can you give us some tips?

Part of Aldo Coppola’s philosophy is to enhance beauty and inspire others in a revolutionary way. Aldo Coppola aims to tailor the hair to suit the face, enhancing beauty and reducing defects, they use key features like eyes, cheek bones and eyebrows to create a hairstyle unique to each person.

One of the top trends is natural bouncy curls. How do you create the perfect curls?

Style the hair with your hands and a hair brush. This is the best way to create waves when blow drying.

Smooth, slick and swept behind the ears is looking to be popular this year. What are your tips for styling this sleek look?

Most importantly the haircut needs shape, a layered cut, making numerous small braids similar to the Masai braiding technique, to create shape and body within the hair.

Gucci used a lot of ‘expected colour’ on their models eyebrows and eyelashes. Have you had many requests from customers for bold colours in these areas?

No – Aldo Coppola believes in natural beauty and respecting the natural colour of the hair.

Braids in all styles are set to be on trend for 2017. What is your preferred way of wearing this?

The boxer braid AKA a double French braid.


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