Hayfever Proof Your Make-up

How to keep your face looking fab even if you’re suffering from seasonal allergies


The sounds of sniffs, the chorus of coughs and the non-stop sneezes – when it’s not cold and flu weather, there’s only one thing to blame for the ills, and that’s hayfever.

Around 18million of us Brits suffer from hayfever and with the pollen count being at a record high already this year, it’s no wonder we’re bulk buying the anti-histamines.

And it’s an equally miserable forecast our make-up, as the common hayfever symptoms like itchy eyes, runny noses and puffy faces aren’t the ideal bedfellows for a face full of make-up.

Fear not though, as we’ve got some simple ideas for hayfever proofing your make-up.


  1. Hydrate to the max


Allergy suffers often suffer from dry skin, especially around the nose if you’re having to constantly blow it. Start as you mean to go on with a super hydrating, thirst quenching moisturiser. Keep a repairing moisturiser in your bag to top up throughout the day – Weleda’s Skin Food and Egyptian Magic are both healing wonders that will soothe your skin a treat.


  1. Waterproof mascara, always


It goes without saying but a good waterproof mascara is an absolute must if you suffer from itchy, watery eyes. If yours are really bad, try skipping the mascara and swapping for a clear mascara instead. You can always curl your lashes beforehand for a little extra volume.


  1. Easy on the eyes


Your eyes are most probably the most sensitive part of your face, and if you want to wear eye make-up, there’s a few tricks you can use to make your eyes look wider, brighter and bloodshot free. Stick to a matte eyeshadow, as anything shiny will highlight their puffiness. The same thought goes for dark eyeshadow, which makes the eye look smaller. You want to employ widening and brightening tactics, so a white eyeliner on the lower lash line is a dream for looking more awake. And of course, a good under eye concealer is your BFF, combatting dark circles as best you can. Help the concealer with a cooling under eye serum – look for one with a rollerball applicator.


  1. Distract


If you’re really struggling, throw caution to the wind and distract your peers from your flaky nose and itchy eyes with a blooming bold lip. If your skin is irritated, steer clear of red, which will only enhance any rouge on the face and go for a pink or coral instead.





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