Hot New Hair Hue For Autumn 2016

There’s no denying that the start of a brand new season sparks a natural burning desire for change in all areas of our lives. We can’t wait to overhaul our wardrobes and cupboards, packing away bikinis, sarongs and sandals to make precious space for fur coats, over the knee boots and cashmere jumpers.

It goes without saying that the urge to transform hair colour is on par with the investment of those gorgeous Stuart Weitzman boots and that iconic Burberry trench, and it makes total sense as hair is the one thing we don’t take off and has the power to make or break an outfit, no matter how killer it is! So the desire to make hair look as amazing as possible is completely justified and becomes somewhat a necessity at the start of a fresh season.

‘New season, new hair’ has never been more true as the big colour trend this Autumn breaks boundaries like we’ve never seen before, so prepare yourself and get ready to be inspired as the hottest hue to rock this season is not the deep and dark shades we predictably revisit each and every time September rolls back round, oh no, the new unlikely hair colour we’re lusting over is PEACH, and guess what? It even has a dedicated emoji!

A-listers including Sienna Miller, Katy Perry and Rita Ora are all rocking variations of the gorgeous shade, but would you dare to go peach this autumn? and how do you keep the colour looking vibrant? We talk to Colour Director (and hair colour magician as we like to call her), Tej at celebrity hair salon Daniel Galvin and ask for her expert peachy hair colour tips…

Q. First things first, why is peach coloured hair trending?

A. I think the peach hair trend has become popular because fashion has been very much focused on pastel shades and peach is just another variation of this but expressed through hair colour, a fun and statement way to get your style out there. Also peach isn’t too much of a drastic change from blonde so clients can easily go back to their blonde hair without compromising the condition.

Q. Can anyone go peach or do you have to have a certain natural hair colour?

A. No, not anyone can go peach as it doesn’t suit all skin tones….I would say it suits people with a naturally lighter base, paler skin tone and lighter eyes.

Q. How can you keep your peach hair looking good and avoid the colour fading?

A. To maintain your new hair colour make sure you book in for regular toners to keep the colour looking as fresh as possible. Also using vegetable hair colour will keep colour vibrant, we sell this at Daniel Galvin.

Q. What are your top healthy hair tips from transitioning hair from summer to winter?

A. Regular deep conditioning treatments are a must! People tend to neglect their hair more during the summer as hair is overexposed to the sunshine, chlorine and sea salt leaving it dry, brittle and in need of some TLC! Also in terms of colour try the new bonding treatments that are on the market now, SMARTBOND by Loreal would be my recommendation its amazing!

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