New Parents Guide: Top Tips on Products to Take Your Baby From Birth to Beyond.

Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to the choosing your baby gear – there are so many different products, reams of advice and you might not have a clue where to start.

Your child will need a variety of things as they grow, but this doesn’t mean that you have to keep shelling out for new products – as there are several options on the market which actually adapt and grow with you and your family.

Here, Damon Marriott, Product Manager from baby brand Nuna UK shares some tips and tricks for the types of products you need for your baby taking them from birth to beyond.


When looking to purchase a pushchair for a newborn, its important to consider the longevity of the product, and how it can adapt to suit your needs as your child grows older.

The most important point of difference, when considering the requirements of a pushchair for a newborn versus a toddler, is that pushchairs for newborns must be fully reclinable. Newborn babies need to be able to lie flat on their back, so their lungs and spine can develop and they can breathe easily. Opting for a design which incorporates a carry cot is a great choice, as not only is this super safe for baby, but they also look sleek and stylish too.

A carry cot will provide a safe form of travel for your child until they can push themselves up, with their hands. Once this is the case, you will need to switch to an upright seat model.

If you want a pushchair that doesn’t require a change in attachments, then a model with a reclining, lie-flat seat can be a good option, and provide a lightweight, travel friendly solution. This type of product is also ideal for older toddlers who can walk on their own, but still require a little bit of extra help sometimes!

Car seats 

Its really important for new parents to educate themselves about the i-Size standard – the Europe-wide standard requirements for child seats. I-size standard car seats are designed to keep children rear-facing until they are 15 months old (rearward facing travel is proven to be five times safer than the forward facing position), will provide better side impact protection, and are also easier to fit into your vehicle.

Your baby is precious cargo so its imperative that you opt for an ADAC tested, i-size model.

Car seats need to be upgraded as your little one grows. You can either replace the car seat when your child reaches 15 months and no longer requires an i-Size model, or select one that last a little longer.


Soothers can be a great investment to make when you first welcome your little one into the world. Not only do they help keep baby happy and relaxed, they can also provide you with a well-deserved break.

Choosing a soother which has an inbuilt rocking motion can send your little one to sleep within minutes, and extras, such as a toy bar, can quickly turn nap time into play time. Some designs also bear the weight of older children, allowing your tot to read, play, or watch TV in peace as they grow.




The important thing to remember when choosing a highchair is to select a model which will keep your baby safe and, most importantly, contained. Highchairs should only be used when your baby can sit up unassisted and, depending on the design, can replace traditional booster seats when your child gets older. Pick a model with easy to wipe surfaces, no matter what their age is.










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