Hygge Your Home: 6 Ways to Make Your House Cosier This Autumn

Winter is coming - it’s time to tap into the Danish phenomenon and get your cosy on.

The Danes definitely know a thing or two about living happily and as a nation, we’re becoming obsessed with replicating that here at home.
One thing that everyone is talking about is hygge, but what on earth is it?
Hygge, pronounced hoo-ga, is the Danish concept of being cosy and content. It’s about finding comfort in everyday luxuries, like a woolly blanket, a log fire and friendships.
And making your home more ‘hygge’ is pretty easy. Not On The High Street’s Creative Product Director Sally Bendelow reveals her top ten tips for turning your home into a stylish yet cosy hideaway this autumn.

Make your knits oversized

This season, oversized chunky knits in the home, as well as the world of fashion, are on-trend and nothing says hygge like a cosy, big blanket.

Sally recommends: “A statement throw can instantly transform the look and feel of your living room or bedroom.”

Don’t forget fragrance

We often update our personal fragrance with a change in weather but forget about our home fragrance – but it’s an easy way to welcome in the new season with a nod to autumnal notes.

Sally’s recommendation? “Look for rich and warming scents combining bergamot, frankincense and amber, which are ideal to capture the aroma of a crackling open fire.”

Go deep

“Look to update your colour schemes to embrace the deeper tones of winter blues and forest greens which will add a touch of opulence to your home,” she says.

Think dark, elegant colours alongside warm lighting and reflective surfaces.

Play with textures

It’s not just woollen items that’ll add a hygge touch to your home; think sumptuously cosy textures like sheepskin, suede and velvet.

Try rustic treasures

“Alternatively, look to the artisan trend where we see craft techniques and simple materials at the heart,” says Sally.

“Bringing together objects made by hand from rustic materials to add texture this autumn. Look to update your tableware with porcelain bowls and ceramic mugs.”

If all else fails, simply snuggle. That’s the best part of being Hygge!

Grab a big, cosy blanket, your comfiest slippers and an oversized jumper and relax on the sofa.

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