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Thanks to constant innovation, and our friends at LondonBelle, ZÜCA’s Artist Collection offers the ultimate carry-all bags and accessories

Imagine a suitcase that offers an array of exciting compartments (think of your favourite vanity case, super-sized), a built-in seat (yes, seriously), it supports up to 300 pounds in weight, and you can actually sit on it? Who said you couldn’t take your entire beauty cabinet, wardrobe or workstation with you, wherever you go?

We owe our greatest gratitude to LondonBelle, the exclusive distributor of ZÜCA bags in the UK, for introducing us to this dream luggage line-up – and ZÜCA’s ‘Artist Collection’ is a firm TLL favourite. This range is perfect for anyone who has an always on-the-go lifestyle. They can help busy professionals organise their supplies more effectively. They offer a loyal seat (with amazing cushion covers) for those unexpectedly long days. Travellers can celebrate the glory of its multi-compartments, and utility pouches, whilst packing their holiday essentials. You could even use a ZÜCA case as a seat for your dressing table, packed with your favourite products. The opportunities are endless.

These carry-all bags are revolutionary, heroic and are fast becoming a global sensation – we’re putting our order in now. For more information on the ZÜCA Artist collection and products, head over to

Perfect for… 
Beauty therapists
Sports people & personal trainers
Busy professionals
Make-up artists
Actors, dancers & theatre stars
Keen travellers
Luggage lovers
Organiser & product enthusiasts

What Artist are you?

The Pro Artist: Super stylish, compact, lightweight and so much charm to offer. This case has lots of storage space, a built-in seat, and can be used as carry-on luggage. Its robust frame supports up to 300 pounds in weight too.

Seat covers: These reversible, quilted and padded seat covers (which come in a variety of colours) will keep you comfortable and content whilst sat on your ZÜCA.

The Sport Artist: For the wild and free spirit (this zebra-pink frame is our favourite) and the perfect case for all creatives. This showstopper offers similar attributes to the Pro Artist, but on a slightly grander (in size) scale.

Utility pouches: This multi-purpose pouch is ideal for storing all your products and go-to tools. They’re fully-lined, easy to clean and its clear cover means easy access to supplies pronto.

The Artist Backpack: Designed with clever organisation skills in mind, this backpack transforms into a sleek mobile workstation. With many magical compartments such as the ‘thermal pocket’ for your hair tools (no time-wasting letting them cool) we say this is a hero product.

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LondonBelle specialises in the distribution of innovative and exceptional luggage products.

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