How to Master Your Work Life Balance

When the lines between work and play start to blur, TLL has the tips to help you get some space between the two


These days it’s annoyingly easy for the lines between work and your home life to blur.

It’s so simple for work to infiltrate into your spare time, causing an imbalance in your life. So it’s time to take control and become the master of the work life balance. The experts at Brookman Solicitors share their insight.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Being a workaholic can often mean your health takes a backseat. Sound familiar? It’s time to take action.

Schedule exercise into your daily activity, such as cycling to work, booking a fitness class after work or taking a walk in your lunch break. Exercise acts as a break to work routine, releases stress and helps you stay motivated when back at your desk.

In terms of healthy eating, preparation is key! Instead of buying unhealthy lunches and snacks when at work prepare a healthy lunch the night before or bulk lunches over the weekend for the week. This makes it much easier to eat healthy when you are on the go and stops the sneaky temptation for that chocolate bar at your desk.

Unplug from technology

The pressure to be accessible to work even when you’re at home has increased at an unprecedented rate thanks to technological advances and the fact we’re addicted to our smartphones. This increased accessibility is certainly a double-edged sword especially for your work life balance. It is crucial to unplug from technology, set boundaries for yourself such as not looking at any work emails or tasks in the evenings or turning off your phone over the weekend to enable your brain to fully switch off and enjoy time off with loved ones.

Take your annual leave

You may feel taking your annual leave is too much hassle to get approved or will mean more work for you beforehand, but you’re entitled to take your annual leave and it’s important you do so. A holiday re-energises your brain and provides the perfect opportunity to rebalance your work life especially if your work life has been imbalanced by a busy work period. Give yourself something to look forward to, either book a mini break, have a movie day or enjoy a day out with friends.

Healthy Body, Happy Me Week is taking place on 5th-9th March,  encouraging better health and happiness, and with Brookman Solicitors recent survey revealing 63% of individuals are planning to change or improve an aspect of their life in 2018 which included their work life balance, now is the time to take a step back and see how readjusting your lifestyle can guarantee an improved work life balance that works for YOU!

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