MIC’s Louise Thompson’s Talks Beauty, Fitness And Looking Like Spock

From moisturising religiously to the hand cream she always carries in her bag, we found out what makes Louise’s beauty regime tick.

What Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson lacks in height (she’s a petite 5ft) she more than makes up for it in style.

From velvet hair bands to vampish burgundy lipstick, she can go from street style to ball beauty in one fell swoop.

We caught up with the star to find out what beauty products she swears by, her skincare routine and where she gets her facials…

TLL: What’s your biggest beauty mistake you’ve ever made?

LS: Around 2014 I was aware that eyebrows were a big deal, the Cara Delevingne trend. So I used to try and give myself large brows to emulate her style but instead I ended up looking like Spock. I was unaware that in order to make them look good you have to keep a similar thickness throughout the whole eyebrow, but instead mine were massive at the centre by the nose and then tailed off, and they were way too straight across my brow.

The thing about eyebrows is that you have to stick to the shape that you are born with. Then you can either pencil or shadow to fill in the gaps and add thickness. I like to think that I have nailed it now, after watching a whole series of Made in Chelsea where they jumped half way up my face and were wonky. Not long ago I visited Tracie Giles for a little eyebrow assistance as she has been in the brow industry for years.


TLL: What are your top tips for getting a good night’s beauty sleep?

LS: My evening regime is pretty simple. I have a bad habit of not drinking enough water consistently throughout the day so I will always drink a litre in the morning and in the evening before bed. Following that I will remove my make-up with Kiehl’s Calendula Foaming Face Wash and use my Philips VisaPure. Or if I’m lazy I’ll use a basic face wipe. Then I mix it up with products depending on how dry and dehydrated my face feels – sometimes I use Estee Lauder Night repair.


TLL: What’s your favourite beauty destination?

LS: I travel a lot so I buy lots of my products at Duty Free in the airport, especially when I realise that I’ve forgotten something, it is hard to keep track when you’re permanently packing and unpacking. Although small airports and terminals are not good for this.

For my basics I tend to shop in Boots or Superdrug for my high street essentials as they have two on the Kings Road which is super convenient. Otherwise I will pop to Space NK for my more high-end make up and beauty products.


TLL: How often do you pamper yourself?

LS: At least once a week! I’ll take half a day off to set aside the time to look after myself and my appearance. I go to my local nail salon and get a mani-pedi, or Shellac if I’m going on holiday.

I try to get a massage once a week if I have been working out a lot, because all of my strength training causes my muscles to tense up a lot, especially around my neck area, so I go to a very strong woman on the Wandsworth Bridge Road to release the stress. For a relaxing soak I use Patisserie De Bain Sugared Violet Bath & Shower Crème, it’s perfect for de-stressing. I love the scent, it takes me back to happy childhood memories. Thankfully as I’ve gotten older I very rarely get bad skin so I don’t need to get facials very often, but I do have a magic salon that I visit called Dr Joney De Souza on London’s Wigmore Street for Microdermabrasion, they’re great for reducing redness and sun spots.

TLL: What are your top tips/ for keeping your skin looking smooth and toned?

LS: I use an exfoliating glove a couple of times a week, but a gentle one, nothing too abrasive. I shave in-between laser hair removal sessions and I moisturise religiously using Patisserie de Bain Hand & Body Lotion – its rich in Shea Butter which hydrates my skin, unless I have had the longest work day of life or I’m in a mad rush and only popping to the gym or to see my family.


TLL: How do you like to keep in shape?

LS: Long story! I have two personal trainers and I let them do most of the work. I follow a plan of 3 different circuits that I will try and repeat 3 times a week.


TLL: Finally, what’s inside your make-up bag?

LS: Annick Goutal Gardinia Scent, By Terry Rose Balm, Dermalogica Tinted Moisturiser spf20 in medium, Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream in Cranberries & Cream, This Works Roll-On Lavender Oil and a black kohl eyeliner. My favourite waterproof mascara is Mascara Terrybly Waterproof in Brown.

For winter, my essentials are Dr Sebagh Rose Hydrating Mask, a Nails Inc Sweet Almond Nail Polish, Nars Mutiple in Orgasm, MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Lingering and Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette.

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