Nail Rehab

Nail Rehab…

Your nails have been through it all, they’ve been coated in all sorts of nail damaging concoctions and ‘enhancements’ including acrylic, shellac, gel and various types of nail varnishes, not to mention the acid infused nail removers to get rid of them afterwards. So, with this in mind it’s about time we treated our poor old nails to some much-needed TLC! With the current change of seasons we’re experiencing causing havoc on our hair, skin and nails-its never been a more ideal time to get your nails back to beautiful for the summer ahead.


Getting those cuticles in tact is the best place to start, shredded and unattractive cuticles can ruin a perfect manicure, so its important you get them sorted ASAP! Apply award-winning CND Solaroil to deeply nourish cuticles and nails, its infused with jojoba and vitamin E and will result in hydrated and healthy cuticles!
Night-time when we’re asleep is when the body repairs and rejuvenates. Apply Nails Inc Overnight Detox Mask before you go to bed at night (allowing them to dry first!) and let the water based formulation and detoxifying / high chlorophyll content ingredients including Green Tea, Acai Berry and Spirulina stimulate nails whilst you sleep. Simply wash the nail mask off in the morning with water and your nails will be fully hydrated and far healthier.


Investing in a decent hand and nail cream will keep your hands and nails looking beautiful and youthful for years to come. Apply Prismologie Rose & Quartz hand and cuticle cream morning and night for very best results. The formulation dries quickly, smells heavenly and works wonders!


There’s nothing like a brilliant base coat you can rely on and a perfect go-to nude for naturally beautiful nails! Sally Hansen’s Nail Rehab intense care base coat is designed for severely damaged nails, the formulation hides imperfections and actively defends against breaking, tearing and peeling. Apply this before coating your nails in ‘Spin the bottle’ by Essie– a gorgeous nude that lasts and has a great brush applicator.

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