A New Generation Of Hair Extensions – Expert Q&A With Extensionist To The Stars, Becky Lennon




Hair extensions, love them or hate them they’ve come a long (pardon the pun) way in recent years and the super obvious, somewhat tacky looking tresses we might have seen on TOWIE five years ago are long gone- thank goodness!
Luckily for the hair extensions addicts out there, top quality brands have taken the industry by storm and are producing hair extensions that not only replicate natural hair in look, colour, feel and behaviour, but the most important element to this new age of hair extensions is the fact they literally cause zero damage to your natural hair- sounds too good to be true? Welcome to a new generation of hair extensions.
We speak to expert hair extension specialist to the stars Becky Lennon, who operates at the iconic Daniel Galvin hair salons located in Marylebone and Selfridges London. With years of experience and working with hair extension super brands, Gold Class and Great Lengths, Becky has applied hair extensions more times than she’s had hot dinners- probably no exaggeration! Becky is fully booked 7 days a week, yes she works everyday of the week creating the hair of her clients dreams- it just goes to show how in demand the extensions are. Let’s find out more…

Why do you think your services are in such high demand?

There are a lot of extensionists out there but I think what makes a difference is the fact that every client I work on leaves the salon with the most natural end result, no one would ever know they even have extensions in, and this is the feedback I get from all of my clients. There’s no better feeling than having thick, voluminous hair that blends perfectly with your natural hair- it looks and feels exactly like your real hair and I know this is why my clients keep coming back. Natural beauty enhancement is at the forefront of each and every hair extension application and I love working with brands Gold Class and Great Lengths as the hair is of such high quality, they never cause damage to natural hair. These days its not so much about having the longest hair possible, its more about having thick, healthy looking hair full of life – and that’s exactly what the extensions I apply create!

You’ve said the extensions don’t cause damage to your natural hair, but why don’t they? We’ve heard some horror stories in the past about extensions, but what makes the hair you use and your application method different?

Providing you take care of your hair extensions properly whilst they’re in by brushing them daily, and have them changed after 3 months they won’t cause any damage to your natural hair or scalp.

Every hair extension strand applied to the hair is the same weight and density as the natural hair that I’m attaching it to, so therefore the extension doesn’t add any extra pressure or tension to the hair. This is not the case with other extension brands and I think this is a big reason as to why they don’t damage your natural hair, this and how the bond is created and applied.

Talking of bonds, are they made out of glue?

No. The Gold Class extensions are pre-bonded using Polymor bonds, which is a special custom bond formulated for strength and endurance and have been created so they don’t damage natural hair in any way, providing you look after your hair properly. Maintenance is incredibly important when you have hair extensions so never underestimate this part of the process, its all well and good having a gorgeous head of hair but you must take care of it properly. Treat it like a designer handbag!

What are your top tips to maintain the hair extensions and keep them looking good?

Remember to brush your hair from root to tip twice daily with a paddle brush made from boar bristles. Also make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions- a sulphate free one is a must. Also use a PH balancer product to keep the bonds in the very best condition. As I mentioned before having your extensions changed every 3 months is essential too.

Photo Credit: Gold Class

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