Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm Review

So as we move into the colder months we decided to look at different products that could help protect our skin from the harsh weather changes, try them and feed back honest opinions on what we thought! Nicole Correia tried Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm and here is what she says about it…

I am a big fan of Omorovicza products and so when I found the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm next on my list to review, l saved it for a wintery cold morning; the type when you can’t bear to tip toe out of bed and into the bathroom without the comfort of your dressing gown or the promise of a luxurious product. Thankfully, I had a fluffy robe and this new beauty treat to coax me into the freezing bathroom!

The balm itself is in a gorgeous opaque glass packaging; it looks expensive (as it is! Pricing starts from around £46) and almost spa-like on my beauty shelf, as if it the thermal product within was steaming up the frosted glass. I imagined that what was inside the jar would be very different to anything else I had tried from the brand before.


I suppose I was right – it is different. I was surprised to find that the balm was almost a charcoal grey heavy mousse-like consistency. I wondered how this would look against my pale, sleepy visage…Careful not to get any on my robe and scooping out a little with the spatula provided (a nice option – and more hygienic) I applied the balm to my fingertips. I really love products that come with a spatula and are packaged in a way that helps preserve them – ie in a tube, or pipette. The least amount of contact with air and also our (potentially dirty, warm) fingertips helps products to work more efficiently and last longer- something I learnt when I worked for Dr Nick Lowe and have noted when buying or reviewing new products.

The smell was not the usual scent of the branded products which I was a little disappointed about as I do love their normal scent. Yet I enjoyed the fact that the charcoal grey smoothed into the face as a clear colour, after a little bit of working into the skin. It’s great when products encourage you to use them properly, thoroughly, as opposed to a quick answer to cleansing – I’m looking at you, make up wipes.

Opting for a cleansing balm or exfoliator demands the same attention and you find yourself using the product better, and taking your time with it. I believe this is half of the pleasure with this brand, you watch the product smooth into the skin, or you take a few moments to enjoy the scent, before carefully wiping it off. I prefer using a muslin cloth (always) when taking off cleanser as it again ensures that no product is left and additionally there is something comforting about applying something warm to the face in the morning, or before bed. I was, however, a little disappointed in the ‘thermal’ aspect as I didn’t find that it heat up as I applied it, or rubbed it between my fingers, as I expected. My skin did feel cleansed and comforted by the balm however, yet I don’t think that it isn’t one for every day use. I imagine I’ll use this once a week, if I have the Sunday blues, as a decadent treat in the evenings; it wasn’t warming enough to comfort my skin and the scent wasn’t the normal, fresh Omorovicza. Instead I can imagine this being part of a pamper routine when you need something soft and a little thicker to wash away the week’s sins – right before committing any new ones when the new week begins!

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