How to Prep Your Skin Like a Model

Good make-up is nothing without a brilliant canvas – here’s how to get yours runway ready.

London Fashion Week may be over for another year but there’s something we’re taking away from the AW18 shows that is always on trend – good skin.

And renowned makeup artist Zoe Taylor honed in on a beautiful base for the House of Holland AW18 show sponsored by Institut Esthederm, where it was all about the skin.

“The makeup look for House of Holland this season was all about the skin, so it was really great to have Esthederm on board to offer a full step by step skincare routine,” Zoe commented.


So how did she prep the models’ skin pre-show? Here’s what Zoe used:

Step 1: Hydra Lotion – A mild formula lotion to cleanse skin and counter the drying effect of hard water.

Step 2: Lift & Repair Eye Contour Patches to reduce puffiness.

Step 3: Cellular Water Spray – This product refreshed and energises the skin, whilst also sustaining treatment efficiency. The Cellular Water Spray can also be used as a makeup setter.

Step 4: Radiance Cream – Leaves the skin looking radiant and luminous, whilst also preserving youth of the skin.

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