REVIEW: The NEW Dyson Hairdryer- Worth The Investment?

As you’ve probably already heard as the ads, instagrams and reviews are in constant flow at the moment and showing no signs of slowing down, Dyson has launched its first ever hairdryer and it’s like no other hairdryer you’ve ever seen or used before! But is it worthy of its hefty £300 price tag? The Lifestyle Library investigates…


The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer not only dries your hair more quickly and more quietly but the selling point here is that it’s actually far better for the health of your hair than traditionally designed hairdryers on the market due to its intelligent heat control technology. Rather impressively the temperature of the air being powered through the appliance is checked 20 times a second to make sure it never gets too hot to damage your hair follicles. Heat will not go beyond 150 degrees so your hair won’t be exposed to heat damage like normal conventional hairdryers do, ensuring hair is healthy and heat damage free. It’s also worth pointing out that temperatures will never be hot enough to burn your head or even burn your hands as the attachments also remain cool at all times. – Clever stuff!
In terms of noise levels, this hairdryer is considerably quieter than others, for example you can talk whilst you dry your hair and the other person in the room will actually be able to hear what you’re saying without having to shout or raise your voice at all! This is made possible because of the extra blades fitted inside which make the tone of the motor much quieter, it also has acoustic silencers inside which was made possible due to the positioning of the handle.
The Supersonic uses Air Multiplier technology just like the Dyson air blade dryers, which basically means it amplifies the volume of the air three times as it passes through the hairdryer making the whole process of drying your hair much quicker. This gets brownie points for us, as anything that saves precious time whilst actually doing good for your hair is a sure winner.
So all functions are covered but we haven’t discussed how gorgeously sleek looking this new hairdryer is, it’s so pretty and non-hairdryer looking you almost want to display it in your living room for all to see!


In all honestly, the masters at Dyson behind this incredible invention deserve a medal as after five years in the making they have created a hairdryer that truly goes above and beyond anything else on the market! The Dyson Supersonic ticks all boxes, its lighter to hold (no achy arms here), easier to navigate, smooth’s your hair whilst drying meaning that 9 times out of 10 you don’t need to go over your hair with the straightening irons afterwards and therefore reducing the risk of heat damage to your hair plus saving you even more time and most importantly it means long-term your hair will be healthier, shinier and more naturally beautiful. £300 is undoubtedly a big investment when you think the average hairdryer is around £30 but can you really put a price on healthy, beautiful hair? We don’t think so.




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