The Secrets Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is becoming less and less of a priority and more and more of a reason as to why our health, careers and home lives are being effected for the worse.

Recent studies tell us that 15% of the world’s population suffer from sleep disorders including insomnia, and very alarmingly 75% are women aged between 30 and 50!

We get it, we’re all guilty of attempting to cram as much as humanly possibly into our working days and nights and a result we are well and truly exhausted by the end of the day. Its simple, we’re not getting the rest we need and deserve in order to not only function properly but to perform well at work and enjoy our home lives without digital distractions.
So with this in mind, lets start to think about what the average day looks like, this will help us to understand why our minds are not at a rested state when it comes to going to sleep at night and how easy it is to fall into a stressful, broken sleep pattern…
You wake up at 6am to get up and go to your pre-work spin class, battle the rush hour underground to make it in time to the office, have back-to -back meetings all day, barely have time to digest lunch (or green juice / protein shake lunch replacement in an attempt to lose weight) whilst answering calls, checking snap chat and replying to emails before the caffeine powered day turns into yet another late night working- oh and not forgetting that super important event you just had to attend! This is all before getting home, cooking dinner, making an effort to actually have interaction with our partners / pets / housemate / Kids, and after an evening of chores you end the night watching Netflix whilst scrolling AKA ‘second screening’, through Facebook and eventfully fall into a state of exhaustion that you could refer to as ‘sleep’ before another day of the same stressful and incredibly tiring schedule starts up again! A vicious circle to say the least.

Reading through that manic list has probably made you feel as tired as we feel writing it, as lets face it no real good can come from this sort of sleep deprived schedule! It’s time to refresh our sleep patterns and readjust the way we prepare for bedtime.


SWITCH OFF– Aim to make it your mission to switch off from all digital devices 45 minutes before you plan on going to sleep. Fill this time by cleansing your face, brushing your teeth, preparing your healthy and wholesome lunch for the following day, basically do whatever you need to do, but do not look at any screens, this will just fuel anxiety and keep you awake and buzzing- not what you need just before you want to zone down and get a good nights sleep.

ROUTINE IS KEY– This simple change in your sleeping schedule can make the biggest difference! Going to sleep and waking up at the same time each morning and night will start to pay off quickly, your brain will remember this and you will start to feel tired earlier and wake up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

CLEAN AND DARK- Creating a calm, clean and tidy bedroom will allow your mind to properly shut down and will prevent you from lying in bed worrying about all the mess you need to tidy up. Ensuring your bedroom is as dark as possible will also help your brain to distinguish the different between day time and night time and will help you to fall asleep.

CAFFIENE FREE– Make sure you stay away from caffeine drinks after 6pm, stick to herbal teas or hot water and lemon! It’s also a great idea to eat before 7pm to allow your system to digest your food properly- going to bed on a full tummy can keep you awake and uncomfortable!

BE MINDFUL – Prevent your mind to allow intrusive and unhelpful thoughts about the past or the future- both can be equally damaging. Being mindful means being in the present, which is the healthiest state your mind can possibly be in, especially when wanting to shut down and go to sleep.

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