Secrets on How to look fresh faced all day

Keep your make-up looking in tip top condition all day long with these MUA-approved hacks.

Whether you spend hours or a quick few minutes doing your make-up in the morning, it could all be in vain unless it’s got staying power.

Make-up has a habit of sliding, slipping and wearing off throughout the day, and what started out as a great beauty day can be a disaster come dinner-time.

Francesca Neill, Celebrity Makeup Artist and COLLECTION Ambassador shares her top tips to keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

A light dusting – A fan of powder? Keep the morning dusting light, just enough to reduce any shine. Chances are, you’ll start to shine throughout the day and you’ll reach for your trusty powder; this is fine, until you realise you’ve applied multiple layers of powder and results in a cakey, dry face come cocktail hour. Stay on top of the shine the sassy way with a translucent powder.

Cream over powder – A cream blush gives a much more natural glow to the cheeks than its powder counterpart. They’re hydrating too, so tend to have the fresher edge.

Tools to go – As tempting as it is to touch your face, don’t; instead, carry your make-up brushes and tools with you for those all-important touch-ups. A highlighter is your saviour too, as it’ll lift the face and make you look more awake – even more than an afternoon latte.

Misty days – Need a hydration hit? Just spritz a facial mist over your make-up for an instant refresh. They can also help to set make-up and takes away any powdery matte finish. Pick a mist that disperses the water in a fine, even mist and don’t hold it to close to your face as this can smear your make-up.

Lighten your lids –  Lighter, neutral tones are less likely to smudge throughout the day and you’re less likely to notice any creasing which helps with the illusion of freshly-applied makeup. Use a shimmery formula across the lid and matte tone in the crease for an easy everyday look.

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