Step by step guide to the perfect brow – Industry tips with Lucia Gandolfi.

Strong, well groomed eyebrows add more glamour and structure to the face than false lashes, liquid eyeliner and plumped lips. Now that big eyebrows are back in fashion, how do you ensure the perfect look? Follow her simple 5 step tutorial!

Step 1 – Prep

Using a ‘Spoolie’ eyebrow brush, brush the brows upwards and the tail end of the brow downwards. This is a step people normally miss out, however I think it is important as it prepares the shape of your eyebrows.

Step 2 – Line below

With an angled brush and eyeshadow, draw a neat line along the bottom of your eyebrow.

Step 3 – Line above

Do the same to the top of your brow, but only to the outer 3/4. Concentrate on defining the tail end of your brow.

Some of you will prefer to do steps 2 and 3 with a brow pencil, depending on how defined you want your brows to look.

Steps 4 – Fill in

Now it’s time to fill in your brows! Using an angled brush and eyeshadow, fill in the outer 3/4 of your brow. Without adding anymore eyeshadow to your brush (use what is left on the brush), blend into the inner brow. I use the shape of the angled brush to square of my eyebrows, however you can make them rounded at this stage. This will stop your eyebrows looking too thick and painted on.

Step 5 – Highlight

At this stage I use a light concealer and apply with a flat foundation brush just under the brow bone to highlight. Apply a brow gel to set if you wish to.

That’s it! You have now got glam eyebrows in just 5 easy steps!

Products used:

1 – MAC 204 Spoolie Lash brush

2 – MAC 208 Angled brush

3 – MAC 190 Foundation brush

4 – HD Brows 002 Foxy Eye and brow palette

5 – MAC NC20 Concealer

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Lucia Gandolfi is a qualified make up artist with experience of work in TV, Theatre and Photoshoots.

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