Tantastic or the tango look – My guide to the best fake tan

As we move into the warmer months there seems to be a mass rush to seek out the best tan for our winter skin! Panic not…. I have been using fake tan for over 10 years now and trust me I have tried every brand available….. I’ve even tried the tea bag tan (not really – personally I prefer something a bit more long lasting and convenient!).

So… what do I look for in a fake tan? Apart from the obvious golden bronzed colour, no streaking etc I have grown to look for a product that fades well and doesn’t look blotchy when it starts to wear off, but most importantly one that makes me feel great, doesn’t age my skin like the sun would and people compliment me when I use it.

The other dilemma is whether to choose a mousse, cream, oil, etc personally I have always rated the mousse as it is easier to apply with less streaks, although I would always recommend a mit to apply it with as it helps to blend the colour. I always prefer to see the colour as I apply the tan (colour guide) – Even though I have been using fake tan on and off for a while now, the thought of not seeing colour where I am applying the tan scares the life out of me and I dread to think what I would look like when I wake up!

So which products do I rate?

There are two that come close, St. Tropez self tan express bronze mousse – Although this is slightly more expensive it is great for those last minute tan panics and you can wash it off after 1,2 or 3 hours depending on how bronzed you like to look!

St Tropez

Great for people who love white bed sheets as you can apply this during the day and wash off before going to bed hence no more tinged sheets! My only real downside to this product is it fades unevenly which makes me look blotchy….Not attractive!

My fave tanning product is the very humble St Moritz – Coming in at only £4.99 it is available in a medium or dark colour and the colour is amazing! Don’t be scared of the dark – I’m naturally fair skinned and it gives a very realistic colour! I was really sceptical when I tried this brand as I always tend to buy expensive products thinking expensive = quality products but this product proved my theory wrong and from the very first application I was sold! It is totally fool proof and even after a few drinks with friends I would go home and apply this and still wake up without streaks all over my body!

st moritz

Ok so what is the downside? if I had to say a downside then it is best left overnight and it does smell slightly of fake tan although nowhere near as biscuity as a some of the other brands on the market. Looking like you’ve just returned from a fortnight somewhere exotic verses an extra weekly wash of your bed sheets….no brainer for me. I would recommend this product any day! You can buy St Moritz here

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