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The staple hair tool that’s commonly found at the bottom of your bag and is used multiple times every single day…what are we talking about? You guessed it, the hairbrush and where would we be without it?

Easy to overlook in favour of miracle hair products, treatments and colour trends, picking the right brush is actually one of the most vital tools in your hair kit to keep your hair looking on point and most importantly, healthy.
Buying the perfect brush is easier said than done! The choices are never-ending and everywhere we look there’s a hot new brush launch promising amazing results. The key to picking the right brush is to understand your hair type and what your hair needs, as once you have the right brush in hand you can create styles you didn’t think were possible and tame it like never before. Right, lets discover the best brush for each hair type from sparkly new launches to old school classics…

HAIR TYPE: Hair extensions and wigs
THE BRUSH: Balmain Extension Brush £15.55


This brush by balmain has been designed especially for hair extensions and is made with multiple length soft bristles to ensure hair extensions don’t snag or catch whilst brushing your hair, as the last thing you want is a brush that pulls out your extensions- ouch!

Start brushing at the ends of the hair and then move upwards to the mid-lengths and then finally to the root area, this is the best way to keep hair extensions looking their best without the danger of damaging them or your natural hair.

THE BRUSH: Tangle Teezer £12.50

The Tangle Teezer is the perfect all-rounder and the smaller size is great for carrying around in your handbag. If you have medium to thick hair this brush will detangle knots with ease and if you have fine hair it will create noticable volume. The Tangle Teezer can be used on wet or dry hair- win, win!
One of the other big benefits to this brush is the way it massages the scalp, there’s just no better feeling.
HAIR TYPE: Curly and Unruly
THE BRUSH: S-Heart-S Scalp Brush


It might be small in size but don’t let that fool you! This brush known as the ‘Scalp brush’ features 376 round-tipped nylon bristles designed to remove dirt, build-up and excess oils whilst promoting circulation by massaging the scalp with its cleverly designed bristles. This brush is ideal for unruly thick hair that needs taming and is also great for breaking up dry curls without taking away the gorgeous texture. It’s a great size to carry around with you too, so hair is always kept tame.

HAIR TYPE: Straight, long hair

THE BRUSH: Mason Pearson Mixture Brush £84


The crème de la crème of all hair brushes; this is a true brush investment and your hair will love you for it!
The gentle detangling mix of bristle and nylon tufts in this brush make it great for brushing long or thick hair to keep it shiny, healthy and full of life. Once you start using this handcrafted brush you will realise its worth every penny and you won’t need to buy another brush again.

HAIR TYPE: Medium to fine hair lacking volume
THE BRUSH: Round Tool Large by Tangle Teezer £18.00


For hair that needs to be blow-dried into place for ultimate volume, this Round Tool Large Brush by Tangle Teezer uses innovative technology to pick up hair at the root to create enviable lift and volume. Hair easily snakes through the brush with ease without getting stuck on the bristles and resulting in hair being detangled in the brush like so many other round brushes tend to do!

Hair Type: All

Brush: Bristle Brush £25


TLL Love this brush – The Bristle Brush has a lightweight cork handle and wooden barrel that absorbs heat helping to minimise damage to your hair, while stimulating the scalp to help distribute natural oils in your hair to condition throughout. This brush certainly helps to eliminate frizz and smooth your hair and is also a must have for blow drying!

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