The Man Tan – A Man’s Guide to Fake Tanning

Fake tanning was once a scary concept that only the brave and beauty savvy would attempt to do, but thankfully times have changed and most of us have dabbled in a bit of self tanning, sunless tanning, fake tanning – whatever you choose to call it we all have one thing in common, we like to look bronzed, men included. With this in mind, It may or may not surprise you that a Mintel report showed that 27% of young males between the ages of 16-24 have already used a fake tanning product- this proves that men as well as women want to look lovely and tanned and who can blame them!
Don’t let the words fake tan put you off though, as lets face it who genuinely enjoys looking pasty white?

As we’re all so clued up on the dangers of sun bed usage and skin cancer risks it seems that bottled tan is the way forward, its safe, easy to apply and undeniably believable!

With so many amazing fake tanning products on the market these days it would be a shame not to embrace the fact that you can achieve a natural and subtle looking tan, to take that pasty white edge off without putting your skin at risk. So the time is now, don’t be scared of turning orange and looking like a streaky piece of bacon, our men’s guide to tanning is here to help you every step of the way…

Make sure your facial hair is shaved or your beard is trimmed 24 hours prior to applying fake tan.

Be sure to buff away the dry, dead skin on your face and body 48 to 24 hours before your tanning session commences. Common dry areas include, the elbows, knees and knuckles. After exfoliating, make sure you moisturise these areas afterwards, this will ensure you’re left with a nice even looking tan.

Make sure you’re hairy areas are dry before you apply tan to avoid a streaky looking tan.

Use Vaseline to apply to your finger nails prior to tanning, this will stop fake tan absorbing into them, which is the biggest fake tan giveaway! Or alternatively wear latex gloves or a mitt to apply tan.

Its more effective for guys to use a tanning mousse instead of a tanning lotion or cream as the mouse tends to absorb into hairy areas much better, creating an even end result.

Take your time applying fake tan and don’t put too much or layer up the product- remember you can always add more afterwards or do a second application the next day to make it darker if you wish.

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