TLL INSPIRE: 5 Minutes With … The Honest Mum

The Lifestyle Library got to know Vicki Psarias, multi-award winning blogger, vlogger, filmmaker, bestselling author and founder of Honest Mum.

Since 2010, Vicki’s highly acclaimed social media posts, films and now new book share all that is funny about parenting, along with food, travel, beauty and style inspiration. She started her frank blog after a traumatic birth with her first child, not thinking it would lead to such an amazing new career. She loves the power and freedom of social media and her goal is to encourage more parents to find work in the digital field that fits around their family.

Tune in to our exclusive interview to hear Vicki’s take on her own parenting style, her inspirations, whether she’s a pushy or a laidback mum, dealing with online trolls, make-up vs wellies, and her new book Mumboss – a guide to surviving and thriving at work and at home; packed with information that Vicki felt she needed herself at the start of her blogging journey.

She’s a true inspiration.

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