Top 5 Things Every Man Needs In His Washbag

It can be a little overwhelming with the sheer amount of products needed to look like the perfectly groomed gent in this 21st century metrosexual world we find ourselves living in. So with this in mind, we totally forgive you for not always knowing which products really make the cut and that you couldn’t possibly groom without- other than the standard toothbrush, toothpaste products. Luckily for you we’ve done the legwork, or grooming work to be more exact, and have narrowed it down to the very best male grooming products that you need to invest in if you haven’t already. These products will see you through all eventualities ensuring you look and feel as dapper as can be… your girlfriend / boyfriend / wife / partner will thank us later!….


You need a decent, hard working, long-lasting moisturiser to keep your face looking fresh, supple and to prevent lines and wrinkles from appearing! Your moisturiser will be your skincare essential and you must apply daily morning and night without fail. We’ve tried and tested too many to list, but we’ve chosen this one by Kiehl’s its dual action leaves skin feeling firmer and lifted and minimises the appearance of wrinkles.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel 






Every man needs that special, signature scent to set him apart from the rest and to make him feel empowered and confident. Fragrance is obviously a personal choice tailored to the individual but we highly recommend paying Aqua Di Parma a visit at your local department store as their luxury range of fragrances go above and beyond!

Aqua Di Parma

Washing the dirt and grime away after a long day at work in the city or after a sweaty gym session requires a cleansing face wash that goes the extra mile! Omorovicza’s award winning cleansing foam purifies, detoxes and refreshes skin and provides long-lasting hydration- what more could you possibly want from a face wash?!

Omorovicza’s cleansing foam 





No matter what your hair type is or which style you go for this hair cream by Davines is pretty darn versatile and makes styling your hair super quick, easy and actually quite enjoyable as hair stays in place all day

Davines hair cream





Combating sweat and odour is clearly essential but using a deodorant you can rely on to keep you properly dry and comfortable for the entire day and actually one that smells amazing is definitely worth investing in! We give this one by Dove 10/10

Dove Men +Care 


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