Top Tips For Keeping Your Hair Looking Youthful

Keep your locks as youthful as you feel with these heroic hair tips.

While anti-ageing might be an outdated term, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to look the best we can for our age – and that means healthy, happy and glowing like crazy.

So what if we told you that your hair isn’t immune to the ageing process either? As well as the sprinkling of grey hairs, your hair loses its lustre – think dull, brittle strands that just don’t shine or swish like they used to.

Just like you might layer on the night creams or pop a skin supplement or two to keep it looking youthful, the same can be done for your hair.

Here’s some ways you can keep your hair in tip-top shape, whatever your age.

Take supplements

Nourishing the hair from the inside out is one of the most effective way of getting hair back on track. Biotin is well known for its hair strengthening abilities but it’s also great for sorting a dry or flaky scalp; zinc helps to improve the health of your hair while promoting healthy hair growth too.

Cut out the heat          

 If you’re using heat tools every day, try to cut down – heat can weaken your hair so even just alternating or going an extra day without heat can dramatically improve its condition. But we all know the allure of a glossy blow-dry, so if you’re going to use heated appliances always, always, use a heat-protection spray. This is especially important if your colour your hair, as it’ll help to maintain your salon-colour too.

Think texture

A tousled, slightly messy hairstyle screams youth, so step away the stiff, heavily lacquered styles and go for that beloved bedhead look. Spritz a texture spray through damp hair for a lift.

Address thinning hair

Thinning hair is rite of passage with age, but not something we want; you can fake thicker hair with volumizing products, including shampoos and styling products, or think about investing in products that encourage your hair to grow and strengthen. This can be in the form of scalp serums or supplements.

Correct your colour

Silver strands are super stylish right now, but not everyone wants them. If you are going to colour your hair to conceal them, visit a colourist – they have the expertise to help you find the right colour to suit your face and features, rather than a flat, one dimensional colour that you can often find as a result of at-home box dyes. The general rule is that the lighter and more golden the colour, the more youthful your hair will look.

Sort your split ends

Brittle hair is prone to split ends causing your hair to frizz and look frazzled. Regular trims will help keep those at bay but there are some in-between salon visit things you can do to keep them to a minimum. Switch your cotton pillowcase for a silk one, which stops friction and helps your hair to slide rather than stick as you move around at night. Use a pre-shampoo treatment to inject some extra healthy help into your locks or try a keratin-infused spray to help rebuild your hair’s structure.


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